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A test question that has been bugging me all day.(cant figure it out)

  1. Mar 1, 2006 #1
    well i had a test today and one of the questions was this.

    :A particle particle mass of 25g rolls up and inclined palne of 20 degree with a Velocity intial of 3.0m/s, there is a frictional force of .4 and at point x2 the velocity is 1.0m/s

    What is the acceleration due to friction?

    I have been thinking about this since 3 and had to work but i was on my mind the whoe time. Ive tried useing K1+U1-Wother=K2+U2
    if you can lead me as to where to go with this it would be appreciated.
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    Is that the frictional force in Newtons or the coefficient of friction?
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    that would be the coeff of Fkinetic
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