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A theory and questions about physics/astro and quantum.

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    Heh I don't ask for much do I? :>

    I've had this theory going around in my head for a month now on a way of looking at gravity and matter, and the universe, some of what I've read/watched and such seems to make my idea possible, and some almost seem to come close to saying it, so either this is so out there not possible, or someone already thought of this and it's either been proven true or false.

    I'm just wondering if I can get some help with the idea, though if there is something to it, how would I make sure that I at least get small credit for thinking? :>
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    Unfortunately, PF has a strict policy about personal theories; they are not allowed. Your only chance is hoping that someone is willing to PM with you. But there are other fora on the web that are open to personal theories.
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    heh dang, any reason for that?

    And any sites, or phycscists that I might be able to get in contact with? I have a idea on how to test it to some extent but don't know the math or values, such as universal weight and such.
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    If I were you, I'd simply start asking questions to further your knowledge. Threads that start off this way usually end up with the thread starter either plugging their ears going "lalalala" and dismissing the fact that they don't know what they're talking about OR they ask questions about what we already know to further their knowledge that makes them realize they need to further their education.

    Man now that's a run on sentence. Anyhow, getting to the basics, we already have vastly complex and far reaching theories about the universe, what question do you think your theory answers for one? Or well, to answer that question appropriately, what question do you have in mind? Maybe it's already been answered and you just need to know.
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    Well it would, change the nature of matter somewhat, it's internally consistent I believe, but I don't know enough about the science to tell how consistent it is with the various theories and stuff we have.

    It's basicly about the nature of gravity, what causes it, why it's there, what is energy/mass in relation to gravity. Among probably other things if there is any posability of it being true.

    Though I guess for a question to ask, what is the current theory and explanation for gravity and why matter has it, I know something about higgs bosson, but thats about it.
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    Anyone willing to talk over PM/Email, or know someone I be better off contacting about it?
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    Here is a forum that has more lax rules about personal theories:
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    Thanks, sorry if being a pain...:> I really love science, and astronomy and the oddities of physics :> So even if this doesn't work be curious as to why :> Thanks for the help and putting up with me.
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    You are not being a pain. We love helping people learn about science.

    But we have learned, through many years of trial and error, the validity of the philosophy "one cannot think outside the box until one knows where the box is".

    As The Flightless One suggests, feel free to ask all the questions you wish. Pose your assumptions that lead you to your hypothesis. We'll steer you down the right path.
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