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Homework Help: About normalized D-velocity :uhh:

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    what is meant by the expression "the normalized D-velocity"?

    specifically when it is a tensor like [tex]u^\mu[/tex]

    Thanks :smile:
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    I assume you're looking at something dealing with more than 4 dimensions? I think this just refers to a d-dimensional velocity vector which has been normalized to length one, you can think of it as a unit vector pointing along the particle's world line.
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    From a google search of "normalized D-velocity",
    one finds eq (1.2.4) in Polchinski's string theory book
    [tex]u^\mu=\dot X^\mu (-\dot X^\nu \dot X_\nu)^{-1/2}[/tex]
    ...in agreement with dicerandom's comment. (The idea is not specific to string theory, of course. The minus arises from the choice of convention for the Lorentz-signature of the metric.)
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    hehehe, that is precisely the book I am reading and the quote was taken precisely from that page xDD. its just that I had never come across that expression before. I should have guessed what the phrase meant, as it is actually quite obvious. Well reading this book is very good physics training for me =) thx guys. Ill get better and better I´m sure heh, but IT will get harder and harder haha, who will win?... emmm, oops xD
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