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About the use of wormhole in the interstellar movie

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    I am new to this forum and don't quite know if these types of questions are appreciated here or not but i have a question about the use of wormhole in the interstellar movie.

    We saw that they used the wormhole to travel to a distant place on the universe. When the main characters went to the planet (Miller's planet) close to the blackhole one guy from the team stayed in the main ship to study the observations from the wormhole and the blackhole.

    When they returned from Miller's planet, the guy staying in the ship said, "I learned what i could learn from the blackhole; but i could not send anything..."

    My question is, why not use the wormhole again to travel to close to earth and then try to send the info? The wormhole is supposed to be a two way thing, right?

    PS. I have absolutely no background in astrophysics and general relativity. But i love these stuffs! So, please ignore my lack of knowledge.
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    It is science fiction. I don't remember if they tried to give some justification in the movie, but a wormhole should work both ways. The lack of fuel would be a possible reason, but they seem to have access to infinite fuel to get that close to the black hole and back again so using that argument would be very unrealistic.
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