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Accelerator on a Chip for ADRS?

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    Someone has built a tiny particle accelerator on a chip:



    I'd like to know if this type of approach could be used to build an Accelerator Driven Reactor System, for a small scale nuclear reactor running on uranium or thorium fuel.
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    Based on the video, the electron beam travels through the semiconductor material. That would seem to limit the strength of the beam.
    It may be possible to circumvent this constraint by designing the accelerator structure with a hollow core.
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    ADR Systems use high energy, high current protons beams.


    The experiment on a chip accelerates electrons over 3 mm, while they mention matching the acceleration of SLAC in 100 ft or 33 m, which is 11 million time 3 mm. There is a lot of effort in developing a concept from 3 mm to 33 m. The SLAC article mentions compact systems, not large accelerators.
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