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B Accuracy of moon orbiting earth in how many days and hours

  1. Aug 12, 2017 #1
    Can anyone tell me accurately.

    accuracy of moon orbiting earth in how many days and hours and seconds and if it is multiplied by 14 how much it will be in days.

    i need accurate answer.

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    You need to be more specific. This Wikipedia page describes some of the subtleties of the moon's orbit. The table under "Lunar Periods" gives some of the different orbital periods. You probably mean one of the two periods listed below. These are accurate to about 0.1 seconds. Accurate enough?

    Name Value (days) Definition
    Sidereal month 27.321662 with respect to the distant stars (13.36874634 passes per solar orbit)
    Synodic month 29.530589 with respect to the Sun (phases of the Moon, 12.36874634 passes per solar orbit)
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    i need accural of moon orbiting planet earth through distant stars.

    27.321662 x 14

    suppose 27.321662 is of the month and 14 is called as a day so

    14 x 27.321662 will be how many days in a year where 14 means day and 27.321662 means 1 month.

    i need exact days in numbers not reflecting to more days. It must be accurate.
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    No matter how you measure it, a day and a year are not commensurate, meaning there can never be an integer number of days in a year. The length of the day and the length of the year are simply two random real numbers. Also, you should read the Terms and Rules of this site with regards to personal theories, which are not permitted to be discussed.
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    i wanted accuracy of moon orbiting earth in number of days. like 27 is the common day where moon orbits earth in 27 days but after 27 days if there are hours and seconds then that makes the calculation little different but it will be same but not accurate.

    wondering if anyone can tell me accuracy in 14 x 27.321662
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    One part in one hundred million, just by counting significant digits
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    Are you asking how different 14 x 27.321662 is from being an integer number of days? 14 x 27.321662 = 382.503268 days = 382 days, 12 hours, 4 minutes, 42.35 seconds. Does this help?
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    thanks phyzguy i made my own time for my religion which doesnt belongs to anyone calculated from oribiting of moon over earth because it was earth which gave support of life on earth.

    here are my calculations for accuracy of correct time on planet earth calculated through distant of stars.

    1 day : 7 hours day and 7 hours night

    total 14 hours in day and night

    7 hours = 700 minutes

    1 hour = 100 minutes

    1 minute = 700 seconds

    100 minutes = 70000 seconds

    700 minutes = 700000 seconds

    14 x 27 days (14 hours a day and night of earth x 27 days moon orbiting earth)

    a year is of 382 days, 12 hours, 4 minutes, 42.35 seconds according
    to distant stars of universe.

    the time is calculated by ahmed through calculation of ahmed and exact year age calculation provided by ahmed to physics advisor of planet earth who calculated exact age of year from ahmed provided calculation. Ahmed calculated time through life existence on planet earth calculated from orbiting of moon over earth and original god brought life on planet earth according to believerism religion.
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    How nice. Thread is done.
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