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Ad posted by Google on this site.

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    I am an undergraduate in a physics degree and have just discovered this site. Im loving the great advice / knowledge that i have recieved in the first few hours of use.
    I did however notice an ad on the home page that looked just dodgy enough to be an amusing read, and it didnt disappoint. If you follow the "Quantum Physics Secrets?" title link you are presented with a fantastic opportunity to sign up to a paid newsletter that promises a plethora of wonders, the best of which I'll list:
    How to Telekinetically Attract MONEY to you and become Very RICH!
    Discover what the Matrix of Reality is and how you can Transcend the Rules and DO things that are Impossible for Most People!
    Mind Reality is for Conscious Creation of Reality through the use of Consciousness.

    It goes on hilariously for quite a while.
    So i will assume that the creators of this site have no control over what ads google asigns here but hopefully whoever put it there appreciates the irony.
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    The ads seem to see tailored to the topic of the thread as well... and you should see the lunacy we are going to get advertised with this thread! :bugeye::rofl:

    Cheers -- sylas
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    Subconscious Mind Control
    Discover the Amazing Mind Control Secrets the Authorities Want Banned

    Your Mind Can Do Miracles
    How to Manifest Your Goals & Dreams Free Ebook - Limited Time Only...

    The Subconscious Mind
    Re-Program Your Subconscious Mind Download Free Lessons
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    Just read in the Rules for PF that users are to "report any crackpot ads to a staff member". Theres a nice big job for someone whos bored.
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    We routinely remove crackpot ads. Please PM me with the crackpot URLs.
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    Unfortunately, there seems to be an unlimited source of crackpots somewhere, and they all seem to feel the need to advertise. :rolleyes:
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