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Adding Nickel to Zinc Sulphate Solution

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    hi chemists,
    my chemistry is a bit rusty.
    i am doing some basic DIY zinc plating using a acid solution with some zinc sulfate in solution. basic recipe is like this:
    net 2L
    Epsom Salt 128 gram
    Zinc Sulfate 43 gram <-- use the ~99% pure stuff
    White Vinegar 85 ml
    Sugar 27 gram
    Tap Water 1915 ml

    does adding some nickel sulfate to the solution allow a mix of nickel and zinc ions to be deposited onto cathode (part)?

    this link (http://www.scielo.br/scielo.php?script=sci_arttext&pid=S0104-66322011000300013) provides good explanation of how adding nickel sulfate to the solution increases deposit rate of zinc for any given amps (thus better efficiency), but does the nickel also get deposited with the zinc. for me, having some nickel with zinc being deposited may help in my DIY application.
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    Be careful with Nickel which is carcinogenic and not down the drain!
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    but can i add a nickel sulfate to my recipe and expect a zinc-nickel deposit?
    and as always, proper disposal procedures are followed.
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