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Additional models to Poisson-Boltzmann equation?

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    I'm not sure my question belongs here or in the physics section

    I'm aware that in addition to the poisson-boltzmann equation, there's also the Debye-Huckel approximation, which is used at low ionic strengths and dilute solutions. I also know that the Stern layer includes the finite size of ions and studies how surfaces are affected

    However, what other models exist? And what other details about the Stern layer and Debye-Huckel approximation are important that I forgot to mention?
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    Isn't it apples and oranges? AFAIR PB is mostly about what happens at the phase interface, while DH describes ions in the bulk solution.
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    Not quite. The PB equation is used to set up Debye Hueckel. Instead of a charged interface you consider the charged surface of an ion.
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    I see. I stand corrected.

    Not for the first, not for the last time o:)
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