Adjective term of pertaining to a non-Earth moon

  1. Sorry I know this may seem banal but it's really bugging me. I'm making space scenes of made up solar systems in a 3d modelling program and I want to name one "a ~ transit".

    If it was a generic planet, I could call it a planetary transit, or if it was OUR moon, I could call it a Lunar transit... but what the Dickens am I meant to use for a moon that is not of Earth?
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    Hi EBENEZR! :smile:

    I think you're stuck with "lunar". :redface:
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    Natural sattelite sounds promising.
  5. I may be, I just think it's a little misleading as lunar specifically relates to our moon through mythological references.

    That's fine for a noun, but it seems a little clumsy for an adjective 'A lunar transit'/'a natural satellite transit'. I mean if that's the word, then there's nothing I can do, it seems surprising that an unnamed non earth moon hasn't got its own adjective. I may have to make one up.
  6. Satellitic. It's not a word, but that hasn't stopped people from using it. ( Think of it as being on the cutting edge of etymology.
  7. "Cutting edge of etymology" - haha! As a language lover this turn of phrase made me laugh. I'm going to use it too.
  8. mfb

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    "a moon transit"?
  9. I don't think that makes sense grammatically though, like how "a planet transit" doesn't.
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    Attributive use of nouns is grammatically correct, afaik:

    You don't use "planet transit" for the simple reason that an equivalent adjective "planetary" is available.
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    Moonary? Hmmmm.
  12. Interesting, thanks! I'm just surprised that one hasn't come up, when you consider almost every named moon and planet in the solar system has a denonym or adjectival term, you'd think simply "moon" would be one of the first to have its own. Ho hum.
  13. Drakkith

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    Moonar transit. There, problem solved!
  14. Bandersnatch

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    The new, cutting-edge, prescription-free, satellitic adjective straight from PF's linguistic skunkworks! Coming to your 'hood this November.

    Warning: overuse side effects might include production of unintelligible sentences, causing blank stares, and development of severe gibberish.

    Keep away from children and prescriptive linguists.
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  15. In the movie Red Planet, Val Kilmer ("space janitor"), exprssed the same discomfort while viewing Phobos from the surface of Mars. Fun movie, check it out.
  16. I was leaning towards "moonetary" transit. Sounds more pecuniary that way.
  17. satellite
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