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Advice for a composition about nuclear power production

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    Hi everyone!

    I'm an italian undergraduate in physics and one of my course is called "Basics of Energy Physics". For the exam you have to write a brief composition based on one of the topic of the course. I've chosen the nuclear energy, because this will probably be my main interest in my post graduate education.
    I've started with the SMR, but, unfortunately, I wasn't able to find some kind of datas on the internet, and I've abandoned the topic. I need help to find a proper argument related to nuclear energy production which allow me to make some data analysis. May anyone help me?

    Sorry for my english. I hope that everything I've written is clear. And I hope, also, that my question and my problem si clear as well.

    Thank you anyway.
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    I think Small Modular Nuclear Reactors is a fine topic. I'm able to find information with a Google search...

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