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Advice on Informal Presentations

  1. Jul 22, 2006 #1
    I am giving an informal presentation in front of my research group on the project I've been working on, so using powerpoint is not an option. But, I am not sure if I should just talk and pass around the images I have or print out some main points on paper and stick it on the white board in the room. I'd appreciate anyone's suggestions.
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    Handouts are allways usefull because they give people something to fiddle with and stare at when their bored listening to you.

    Have something funny on the back like "hey if your reading this it means my abillity to captivate my audience is approximatley 0, below you will find some instructions on making a paper airplane from this peice of paper.."

    I personally hate bullet points in presentations because they usually just read them out loud, like some parrot, i can read fine thanks and the bullet points are patronising.

    If you know what your talking about, you dont need bullet points. Better to just do your thing and say what you got to say, if you aint got nothing to say why the hell are you holding a presentation hmm?

    If its a small group, use it to your advantage and get them involved in the presentation, feedback.

    These are my opinions, and i have little presentation experience. I hate them, good for catching up on some sleep though.
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