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Advice on possible nuclear contamination

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    Hi, I have recently received a guitar direct from a private seller in Japan and have noticed a metallic taste in my mouth when coming into close proximity to the instrument. I am looking for advice on whether it may be radio-active and if so the level of contamination.
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    Fervent Freyja

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    It's possible that you have been inhaling Mercury vapor. Although likely rare, it isn't unheard of for industrial processes to contaminate products with Mercury.


    Please contact the local poison control with your concerns. You should visit a doctor immediately for testing of heavy metal poisoning, it could be Lead, but more likely Mercury.
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    It is not radioactivity. Customs has sensitive radiation detectors, and there is no plausible way how a guitar could become so radioactive that you could directly note it.
    A chemical contamination with heavy metals might be possible.
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