AI-assisted math learning for adult (long-term) beginner

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In summary, the speaker is looking for a recommendation for a competitor to the ALEKS commercial computer or AI-assisted math learning program. They have previously used ALEKS but were not satisfied with the layout and believe there may be better options available. They share that they are back to work on mastering math and hope to have success this time. They also mention a book they are reading about the power of science and their desire to have a breakthrough in understanding it, similar to their hope for mastering math.
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My Question relates to Commercial Computer- or AI-assisted Math learning programs

Can anyone recommend a competitor to ALEKS, which I used to use but gave up on when they revamped the lay out
(besides which, I have reason to believe that ALEKS may not be best value in town)

Hello to everyone on my friend list!
I'm back to have my bi-decennial crack at math mastery.
This time I hope I have all the life "parameters" set to the right frequencies and who knows, maybe this will be "The Beginning of Infinity"** in terms of a continuous learning curve for me.

Hope you are all flourishingly, swimmingly well !

aka Lebec
aka DeusAbscondus

** Book title by David Deutsche about the reach of scientific explanations; a defence of "scienticism", in its pure, non-pejorative use, ie: a robust confidence in the power and reach of science and a concommitant denigration of spurious "alternative ways of knowing"
A book I barely understand but keep reading in the hope that one day I will have a breakthrough (like with maths)
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Unfortunately, I can't help you with your question, but I did want to welcome you back...I happy to hear you have renewed your desire to do some math. :)

Related to AI-assisted math learning for adult (long-term) beginner

1. What is AI-assisted math learning for adult beginner?

AI-assisted math learning for adult beginner refers to the use of artificial intelligence technology to support and enhance the learning experience for adults who are beginning to learn math. This can include personalized recommendations, adaptive learning techniques, and real-time feedback to help adults improve their math skills.

2. How does AI assist with math learning for adult beginners?

AI can assist with math learning for adult beginners in various ways. It can analyze the individual's learning patterns and provide personalized recommendations for learning material. It can also adapt to the individual's pace and provide real-time feedback to help them understand and improve their math skills.

3. What are the benefits of using AI for math learning for adult beginners?

The benefits of using AI for math learning for adult beginners include personalized learning, adaptive learning techniques, and real-time feedback, which can help adults learn at their own pace and improve their math skills effectively. AI can also provide a more engaging and interactive learning experience.

4. Is AI-assisted math learning suitable for long-term beginners?

Yes, AI-assisted math learning is suitable for long-term beginners. It can adapt to an individual's learning pace and provide personalized recommendations, making it an effective tool for long-term learning. It can also provide a variety of learning materials to keep the learning experience interesting and engaging.

5. How does AI-assisted math learning compare to traditional learning methods?

AI-assisted math learning offers several advantages over traditional learning methods. It provides personalized learning, real-time feedback, and adaptive learning techniques, which can make the learning process more efficient and effective. Additionally, AI can also track progress and adjust to the individual's needs, making it a more tailored and engaging learning experience.

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