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Beginner Books is the Random House imprint for young children ages 3–9, co-founded by Phyllis Cerf with Ted Geisel, more often known as Dr. Seuss, and his wife Helen Palmer Geisel. Their first book was Dr. Seuss's The Cat in the Hat (1957), whose title character appears in the brand's logo. Cerf compiled a list of 379 words as the basic vocabulary for young readers, along with another 20 slightly harder "emergency" words. No more than 200 words were taken from that list to write The Cat in the Hat. Subsequent books in the series were modeled on the same requirement.Beginner Books had only four titles in their catalog in 1958. Two years later, they were earning 1 million dollars a year. Random House acquired Beginner Books in 1960 and was the largest publisher of children's books in America.

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  1. B

    B Entanglement & Superposition Probabilities

    I cannot find a clear answer on the following beginner’s question on some QM fundamentals: Suppose we have two particles, A and B. Let’s say we generated these as (or otherwise entangled them as) an entangled pair with opposite/orthogonal states. Perhaps horizontally and vertically polarized...
  2. robotkid786

    Intro Physics Learn Python: Top Book Recommendations for Beginners

    I'm looking at a book called python crash course for beginners (eric mathes), does anyone have experience of using this book or any other book that you would recommend for learning python if not that, is there a specific course you'd suggest that isn't in book form? I'm completely new to...
  3. Vanilla Gorilla

    B Beginner Einstein Notation Question On Summation In Regards To Index

    So, I have recently been trying to learn how to work with tensors. In doing this, I have come across Einstein Notation. Below is my question. $$(a_i x_i)_{e}= (\sum_{i=1}^3 a_i x_i)_r=(a_1 x_1+a_2 x_2+a_3 x_3)_r$$; note that the following expression is in three dimensions, and I use the...
  4. G

    Why Is My Java Program Not Working?

    Please help me to find what my mistakes are in the following java program.
  5. X

    B Multimode optical fiber, physics beginner help :D

    Hello ! I have a problem understanding how light works in multimode optical fiber. What do I mean in single-mode optical fiber there is single light which contains information. In multimode there can be multiple lights with multiple information. Like here 1st picture contains multiple...
  6. schrodingers_cat

    Quantum Good resources for a beginner getting into Quantum Physics?

    Summary:: I’m a beginner trying to get into Quantum Physics, and want some good resources (e.g. books) to get me started. Hi everyone! I’m a beginner trying to get into Quantum Physics, and want some good resources (e.g. books) to get me started. I have a very basic knowledge of physics (10th...
  7. BadgerBadger92

    Intro Physics What Are the Best Beginner Physics Books for Self-Teaching?

    I am looking for a book that teaches the basics of physics that is easy to understand and good for self teaching. Any good suggestions?
  8. manareus

    Easy geometry problem, please give me a hint....

    I have calculated the height of the segment using the Pythagorean Theorem and that's currently where I am right now. I don't seem to find any equations that can help me. Though I might be not trying hard enough or using the wrong words because I'm not really fluent in mathematical terms as you...
  9. ujint

    Intro Physics Looking for beginner to advanced physics textbooks

    Hi there, I’m looking for beginner to advanced physics textbook. The books doesn’t have to be by only one author or series of volumes. I’m in year 9 at the moment (australia) and really want to learn further than what the curriculum provides. I’ve got the feynman’s lectures on physics, so any...
  10. W

    Diode Power Calculation: Understanding the Basics

    Hello all, I've just started learning about diodes.. I believe I've done this problem correctly (question in black), although want to make certain I'm understanding the very basics before moving on. Thank you
  11. Egghead44

    B Beginner Question Regarding Entanglement

    I am just starting to learn quantum mechanics. And have some questions on entanglement. I have learned that when there is two particles entangled that they share the same wave function and cannot be considered by themselves. I am having a hard time understanding some of the nuances of this...
  12. sahilmm15

    Astronomy Books on astronomy and cosmology at the beginner level

    I am curious about space. How it works, what does it contain, all different sorts of things. Any suggestions on what books to read for a beginner so that this curiosity do not fade away with time.
  13. G

    Relativity David Morin's special relativity for the enthusiastic beginner

    1.8 Exercises page 49 I can't find the solutions to the questions. Where are they?
  14. G

    Textbook: "Special Relativity For the Enthusiastic Beginner" question....

    Special Relativity: For the Enthusiastic Beginner on page 49 1.8 Exercises I can't find the answers to the questions? I apologize if this is a dumb question.
  15. J

    Fortran Why Is My OpenMP FORTRAN Program Slower in Parallel Than in Single Thread?

    I am trying to understand OpenMP, but my experiments are not paying off. I made a simple FORTRAN program to show me parallel time results. it turns out that parallel times are greater than single thread. What am I doing wrong? results: (changing number of threads) No OpenMP seconds=...
  16. cobalt124

    R for Beginners: Textbooks & Resources for Neurobiology

    My daughter has just started her first year at university studying Neurobiology. She doesn’t have much experience with programming and is having to learn R (RStudio 3.0.2) from scratch for the statistical modelling/graph plotting parts of the course. She knows what she needs to do with her data...
  17. W

    Learn Fast C Programming: Answers to Beginner Questions

    How to learn fast C? - Is C really needed to be learned before C++ programming? - Are there any fast methods in learning C programming? -Please, answer this! Other sites are confusing and too complicated to understand. If you have any ideas or your own understanding please comment down below...
  18. Data Base Erased

    I Beginner question about tensor index manipulation

    For instance, using the vector ##A^\alpha e_\alpha##: ##g_{\mu \nu} e^\mu \otimes e^\nu (A^\alpha e_\alpha) = g_{\mu \nu} (e^\mu, A^\alpha e_\alpha) e^\nu ## ##g_{\mu \nu} e^\mu \otimes e^\nu (A^\alpha e_\alpha) = A^\alpha g_{\mu \nu} \delta_\alpha^\mu e^\nu = A^\mu g_{\mu \nu} e^\nu = A_\nu...
  19. docnet

    B Special Relativity for Beginners: Clock Comparison

    Hi, I have no education in physics beyond the intro undergrad level. How do the clocks compare in the following scenarios? In the beginning, two clocks are placed next to each other and synchronized. Then they are moved in opposite directions, traveling an equal distance from the beginning with...
  20. R

    What books should I read to start learning computer science?

    Dear friends I am new for this forum. I have a plan to begin studying computer science very soon. My qualification at the this moment is MSC in Accounting and Finance. I want to study computer science! Here there is a university working in collaboration with one of universities in USA providing...
  21. Leo Liu

    Learning Maxima: Beginner Video Tutorials

    I am switching from Mathematica to Maxima. Although both of them are symbolic computation programs, I think it is better to start studying Maxima's language from the basic stuff. Could someone recommend some good video tutorials to me? Thanks.
  22. F

    DIY wideband antenna VSWR - beginner

    Dear forumers, I would like to do some RF measurements by using a spectrum analyzer or an SDR in the ~ 100mhz-6ghz range. I'm new to this and to the concepts in general and I would like to hear a few recommendations. I primarily interested here in how much it is acceptable to use a DIY...
  23. CaptainAmerica17

    Would someone mind checking my proof? Intro Real Analysis

    Here is my solution. I used mathjax to type it up in Overleaf. I feel like it makes sense, but I also have a feeling I might have "jumped the gun" with my logic. If it is correct, I would appreciate feedback on how to improve it. Thanks!
  24. karush

    MHB Navigating SAGE as a Beginner: Tips for Getting Started

    OK I am in a lock down here with my Governor ordering us stay hometho So thot I would jump off the diving board into the world of SAGE However when I went to google for guiding light on this I got intimidated fastSo Does anyone done square one and more I would like some tips I did some SAGE...
  25. Y

    What are the key steps to solving this beginner circuit problem?

    I calculated the voltage of the resistors
  26. A

    Recommend beginner engineering books

    Hi I am a first year engineering student I want to start by learning general engineering So I want books recommendation I want to understand the engineering behind the following Referegration Fans Car and automobiles Computers Civil works Buildings Planes Space craft Kitchen tools...
  27. D

    B Beginner Resources for Special & General Relativity

    Like I said, I'm new to Special and General Relativity. It really sucks when I space out for 2 minutes in class and for the next 30 minutes I'm completely lost until the teacher brings up a new topic. I'm looking for supplementary materials (online preferably as I'm away from home) that can...
  28. starstruck_

    What downloads are required to work with Python?

    Hey everyone! This might be a bit of a dumb question, but I'm not familiar with much in the programming world. I know a few languages that I've learned on my own (online) or through a course in school (MATLAB). When it comes down to coding outside of MATLAB or a website, I'm not sure where to...
  29. pallab

    MATLAB What is the best book for beginners to learn Matlab from the creator himself?

    please refer me a good book for the Matlab beginner.
  30. topologyfreak

    Studying Should I start with a basic physics book without calculus?

    Hi, I want to start learning physics as I have never studied it in my life but have now taken an interest towards it. I have quite literally zero knowledge on physics, so assume I haven’t taken middle school or high school courses on physics, as I haven’t. I’m 17 currently, but that shouldn’t...
  31. topologyfreak

    How to learn physics if I know calculus but zero physics?

    Hi, I have decided I like to learn some physics as I know absolutely zero physics and also including chemistry or biology, and I’d like to learn a bit of all 3, to the high school level perhaps. It seems that from, what I’ve read if I want to learn chemistry, I’ll first have to know physics, and...
  32. DeusAbscondus

    MHB AI-assisted math learning for adult (long-term) beginner

    My Question relates to Commercial Computer- or AI-assisted Math learning programs Can anyone recommend a competitor to ALEKS (which I used to use but gave up on when they revamped the lay out) Besides which, I have reason to believe that ALEKS may not be best value in computer-assisted math...
  33. J

    The use and meaning of the three beginning physics equations

    The first three equations i was given is as follows: Vf = V0 + at Vf^2 = V0^2 + (1/2)at^2 x = V0*t + (1/2)at^2 [why do they sometimes use y instead of x or V0,y?] I don't understand in what situations i would use them in nor do i understand why you us V=gt or X=Vx*T. (i understand g can is...
  34. DeusAbscondus

    MHB AI-assisted math learning for adult (long-term) beginner

    My Question relates to Commercial Computer- or AI-assisted Math learning programs Can anyone recommend a competitor to ALEKS, which I used to use but gave up on when they revamped the lay out (besides which, I have reason to believe that ALEKS may not be best value in town) Hello to everyone...
  35. H

    Number Theory Cryptanalysis Books: Prerequisites for Beginners

    Hey guys, I just bought the book Elementary Cryptanalysis: A Mathematical Approach by Abraham Sinkov, yet before I start it, I would like to know if there are any prerequisites I should know about as I am 16 and I still haven't even taken all of high school mathematics although I am self...
  36. H

    Which powers works on bead on a string?

    Homework Statement I know that a bead is threaded on an metal sring (no T), and the bead is not moving/ The metal string moves in circular motion at a slope of 60 degrees. The string moves one spin in one second/ which powers works on the bead? Homework EquationsThe Attempt at a Solution
  37. J

    B Beginner Question: Causality & Relativity in Quantum Mechanics

    Hi everyone! Sorry for the bad English and the silly question! My mind isn't very Sharp, so I just want to make sure I understood it right... I've read the faq and I found this info amazing! If I understood correctly hahahaha! So, there's two main interpretations of the findings of...
  38. F

    Books on Celestial bodies for a beginner

    Hi, I am an Alevel science student and looking forward to study Astrophysics in university. Can someone recommend books that are more like fact books with descriptions of celestial bodies, their composition, formations and etc. Like more like an encyclopedia than a book .
  39. lc99

    Question About Beginner Static Problems

    Homework Statement Homework EquationsThe Attempt at a Solution I noticed that the units are in mm and i usually would convert to meters for the convention. But, is it okay to leave the mm as is when i calculate the unit vectors since the unit vectors are unitless? I don't want to deal withd...
  40. RabbitWho

    I Odds ratio and percentages.... absolute beginner

    Imagine that the chances in the USA of adult men having GAD are on average 1 in 100. But what of the subset of adult men who already have MD? What are the chances that such men will have GAD as well as MD? An odds ratio tells us about the increase in the chance that such men will have GAD...
  41. LeonTheLobster

    How Can CERN Solve Modern Physics Problems?

    I'm in high school and would like to write a paper on physics for fun, any topic suggestions?
  42. A

    B Does changing the equation of a function require a new function name?

    Hi everyone. I'm getting slightly confused about the general function notation used. I was wondering if the name of the function were to change if there was an edit to the equation. What I mean is let's say we have the graph f(x) = x^2. If I were to vertically stretch this equation by a factor...
  43. T

    Studying Am I supposed to understand everything in a formula?

    When studying equations, formulas, laws - am I supposed to understand each bit of information ? For example, let's take Fick's law: So I can memorize the law and I can tell with words what is "t", what is "x", what is "D", and so on, but I don't truly understand why is one divided with the...
  44. G

    B How Is the Coefficient of Restitution Linked to Conservation of Energy?

    Where does the Coefficient of Restitution equation come from, in terms of the Conservation of Energy? The measure of efficiency is the velocity after the collision divided by the velocity before the collision, but how does it get to that point? I'm trying to view this focused on an object that...
  45. G

    When is Gravitational Potential Energy Considered in the Work-Energy Theorem?

    When using the work-energy theorem (Wnet=ΔE), when do you take gravitational potential energy into account? Change in energy implies all types of energy involved, but in what cases would PEg be a part of it?
  46. G

    Calculating Potential Energy Change for a Mountain Climber

    Homework Statement A 95-kg mountain climber hikes up a mountain to an elevation of 5000 m. What is the change in the climber's potential energy? Homework Equations I might be missing something but here's everything that might be relevant: w=fx p=w/t p=f*v KE=1/2mv^2 PEg=mgh PEe=1/2kx^2 Wnet=E...
  47. G

    What is the relation of mass and power?

    How should power be calculated in a situation where distance and time are both given, as well as mass. At first, I was thinking of just using W=Fx (force as mass x 9.8) to solve for work, and then I would take the solution for work and put it into P=wt. Does this make sense? That's my best...