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Alfredo sauce with only one slice of cheese, possible?

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    i mean for one person (for example, me). is it possible to do using some combo of halfnhalf and garlic. Is this possible and also would it automatically be all runny or how can I make it thick? any ideas are really appreciated thanks
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    Reduce the half-n-half a bit before adding the cheese and it should help with the degree of thickness. If you want to start with a bit of flour and butter(or oil) before adding the liquid it will help and also help.
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    thanks for the response jambough ..I totally forgot I asked about this.. But I figured out later that the magic ingredient that I totally missed was FLOUR. Basically I was trying to make more cheese sauce with only 1 slice of cheese. Flour is the answer. Pretty usedful ingredient actually, so now I'm wondering how much actual cheese is in store bought cheese slices and how food scientists make more cheese from limited cheese.
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    Wait, are you making an alfredo sauce, or a bechamel/mornay sauce? Alfredo sauce only involves butter, garlic, cream, and cheese (parmgiano reggiano). Bechamel sauce is a standard white sauce with flour and milk, while a mornay sauce is a bechamel as a base and with cheese added to it.

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    Yea, I guess I was suggesting he make the mornay rather than proper Alfredo. I usually start with the Bechamel sauce for all my sauce making needs. Comes from watching Justin Wilson makin his roux all them years.
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    actually I was just trying to come up with some tasty cheesy sauce to go on some rigoletti noodles..so when I said "alfredo sauce" I just meant a cheesy sauce, cuz t had limited ingredients at the time.. but flour was what helped solve everything.
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