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Alone in the Wilderness for 30 years!

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    I watched on PBS a documentary about 'Richard Proenneke' last year. His story struck me and for days made me think what life would be like in isolation, away from civilized world? It's an interesting story to learn about for those who haven't heard about him.


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    Another fascinating insight is conveyed in the story "Into the Wild" based on real life of Chris McCandles who ventured into the Alaskan wilderness, but was later found dead by hikers or hunters.
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    I saw that documentary many years ago, and I loved it.

    I had always thought that people who choose to live like hermits are probably mentally unstable. Yet his writings seem to indicate he was a perfectly normal, logical person. So that aspect was interesting to me.
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    I saw the "Alone in the Wilderness" on TV and thought it well done, moving...

    You may like this, it is in 12 parts here: http://www.youtube.com/view_play_list?p=7505108F34CF0034", amazing story by Joe Simpson.

    I watched it more than once over the years and read the book, still gives me chills. You and others who happen on this thread may like it.

    I know I did.

    Rhody... :approve:
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