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Alternative options for paying for college

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    I'm sorry I've beaten this kind of topic down to death, But I really need to a way to pay for college. This year, I am only able to borrow $5600 ; That amount is not enough to cover tuition for fall, summer and spring classes. My parent cannot borrow any more money for me right now.

    What I really would like to do , is be in some kind of work study program that will help me pay for my college finances, but my financial advisor told me that only applies to students who's parents make an income thats less than $40,000. I've consider joining the reserves but their priorities might not be the same as my priorities.

    I would look for scholarships too, be right now my GPA is not so high. What should I do? I don't want to dropped out of college.
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    Maybe you could work a couple jobs this summer and make a good bit of money that way. It might not sound too enjoyable, but if it makes the difference between taking time off from school or not... If you don't want to do that, perhaps you could just go part time for awhile.
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    This may not help immediately but look into a co-op program for your major (I am assuming you are science or engineering). At my university it added a year to your stay but I was able to pay for my last four years entirely using the money I made as a co-op student.

    It is essentially a work-study program, but you work a semester then go to school a semester then repeat.

    For immediate needs, work a bunch over the summer ,and consider a reduced load next fall and spring so you can continue to work. My co-op program did not start until after my first two semesters at school. So during my first year I had to work roughly 20 hrs/week to make ends meet. I continued to work through most semesters I was at school as well but not nearly as much.

    Also for immediate needs, look at getting a private student loan (not a parent plus loan) from a bank. The interest rates will be much higher than federal student loans but interest rates in general are low right now so it won't be terrible. I would use this as a last resort because debt can accumulate very fast and the last thing you want is 50k in debt when you graduate.
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    I thought the bank gave you a loan only if you were working? Well I'm already in debt so I am not worried about being in debt. I am only worried about whether I will be able to borrow money to carry on the semester.
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    If you are a student, you can get student loans from banks. You do not have to be working to do so but again, they are higher interest.
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    Perhaps you could investigate to what extent it makes sense for you to move to a country where studying is free.
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    Would getting a part-time job cover the difference? No reason you need to do the work-study thing if you can go out to the local grocery store, department store or big box store and earn just as much, or more (work study limits how much you can earn in a year anyway). What about transferring to a less expensive school?
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    Try to find a part-time job as a security guard, preferrably something where you can work in a booth (you study/do some homework while you watch the place).

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    I would prefer a low skill job where you make between $10 and $15 . Actually I would like to get paid at a student research assistant. But that is not happening anytime soon. How much does a security guard make?
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    That depends on location. Here in NYC, unarmed guards make between $8 - $18 but NY State requires guards have a state license, something that could cost up to $400 to obtain. The job itself is very low skill, all you need is a little bit of common sense and remain alert. The main problems you may face are trying not to fall asleep and supervisors with a chip on their shoulder.

    Jordan Joab.
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    Princeton Review pays around ~$20/hr for SAT/ACT/GRE tutors. If you have one nearby,that could be an option if you did well enough on the SAT in high school.
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