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Alternatives to Diethyl Ether to remove pyridine in salt

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    I make a pyridine salt which contains the pyridine and an organic weak acid. The standard procedure to isolate the acid and remove the pyridine is to dissolve the salt in Diethyl ether with HCL, and let the diethy ether evaporate, which leaves the organic acid crystals with purity 99%.

    But i would like to use something else, less flammable than ether to isolate the said acid.
    Do you have any idea what could be used?
    The acid is composed of C H O and is completely insolube in water. It is mildy soluble in alcohols and quite soluble in dichloromethane.

    Thanks for any motivated suggestion.

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    I codistill pyridine and heptane to remove the last traces but I usually extract pyridine into acidified water first. Only a little less flammable but much less volatile.
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