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Am I addicted to cannabis? I need advice

  1. Mar 5, 2012 #1
    First off, let me explain why I am posting here and not some MA forum, or similar.

    I love physics; I love science; I love mathematics. My biggest role-model (or hero!) is the late Richard Feynman, I've read both his books and love thinking how he thought about the universe (and art xD ).
    I am 24 years old, in a community college, almost ready to transfer to a state university for mechanical engineering, and I have been smoking marijuana for over two years daily.
    I don't smoke that much, but I believe it is the reason I have developed a degree of depression... Say, If I smoke for the first time in a day, it feels great and relaxing, but then after 45 minutes or so, I begin to feel "meh" and it just declines, like being sober with a foggy-*** mind! It's awful and makes me avoid socializing and what not.
    Even if I smoke more after that 45min mark, I don't get the same "sensation" I got when I first smoked in the same day, it just makes it worse.
    However, I continue to find myself using, if I want to quit because of how I feel, I will stop, but then a week later a friend will just come over with weed and I'm almost compelled to smoke (actually, I rarely smoke, I vaporize, but still...). Not to mention it cost nearly as much as my monthly gas bill and is still illegal.

    This is a serious question/concern of mine.
    I often find myself "Googling" who consumed cannabis (i.e Carl Sagen, Einstein, etc), although I never can find a certain answer (people just assume mostly) I still wonder. I feel I'm uncontrollably trying to vindicate my smoking habits by seeing who all else has smoked in the past.

    If you have smoked in your younger years, and now are a professional in a field of science, please talk to me and explain your thoughts on this terrible dilemma I'm having.

    It's been four days since I've not smoked, I'm still fighting, and asking the one community I respect above all others online. (meaning trolls are like forums that require thought XDDDD)

    Thank you all for your time responding!
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    Sorry, we don't discuss illegal activities here. I suggest that since you have bad effects from smoking that you stop permanently. You'll feel much better. If you can't manage to do this on your own, then do seek professional help in stopping.

    When I was young, everyone smoked pot and all I wanted to do afterwards was eat and sleep, I couldn't do anything. I finally got smart and quit and most of my friends stopped shortly thereafter. We all went on to becoming succesful. One girl that kept smoking ended up getting busted with her heroine dealing boyfriend and spent time in prison. Go figure. True story, but she was pretty dumb, so can't blame it all on drugs.

    You're smart enough to realize the effects it's having on you. Good luck, you can do it.
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