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News American Health Care: People are acting like 12-year-olds.

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    If someone would disseminate this image around the internets in places I haven't already disseminated it, I would much appreciate it.

    Which brings me to the subject of this post: why, instead of having a reasoned discussion, are people acting like gorillas on speed when talking about healthcare?

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    I didn't know politics lent itself to reasonable discussions on any subjects.
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    Really. I was just at a boro council meeting where members of my homeowners' association acted like little children in fighting against a walking path being connected to our community. In their defense, though, they followed the lead of the boro council who bickered and insulted each other.
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    On the plus side, they weren't hacking each other's limbs off, I hope.
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    There is absolutely ZERO evidence to support the fact that they are acting like gorillas on speed


    I can't find a single youtube video that would allow me to corroborate this! Until further documentation of gorillas on speed is presented, I have to consider your case null and void.

    It should be noted that
    1) Most people don't know the facts that support their side
    2) Most people don't know the arguments that support other side
    3) Most people thusly can't make rational arguments for their side or to counter the other side

    With no elements of debate left, there's nothing left to do but yell and throw poop at each other
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    Good analysis! Not gorillas on speed - just common monkeys who are confined and have nothing productive to do and who resort to being rude because it is fun.
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    Yes, and if you are implying that that is progress, I wholeheartedly agree.
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    It's a the four letter "F" word - FEAR.

    Health care is life and death, plus financial uncertainty, most people don't trust politicians who don't think they need to even read the Bills anymore.
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