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News America's relationship with the EU

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    Immediately after the Iraq invasion, EU - American relationships hit an all time low. Since then they appeared to be recovering however the latest allegations of secret CIA prisons in europe seems to be once more damaging the relationship.

    What are the likely short and long term economic and political ramifications for both entities if relations continue to deteriorate.
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    :tongue2: Testing, testing, 123...
    I think everybody knows the answer but just find it too unpalatable to utter.
    Okay, nobody sees me here.:biggrin:
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    The sooner the CIA/NSA/US Military stops doing stuff, whatever they may be, the better off the world is.
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    Art - I had your viewpoint for quite a while and to some extent still do, yet I was forced after some serious thought to consider if the American response had not actually augmented relations between the countries; for it drew out a statement from Rice condemning torture and saying it would not be used inside or outisde the US. The German Chancellor has visited the White House and the EU and America have jointly condemned Iranian proliferation. Perhaps things are on the up.
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    It didn't go unnoticed that Rice chose her words very carefully and so interpreting her meaning depends on one's definition of torture. What the US admin views as acceptable is way past the boundaries of what most europeans find acceptable.

    There was also the little matter of the disagreement between Angela Merkel and Rice where Merkel claimed Rice admitted to making an error re the abduction of a German citizen, Khaled Masri, whereas Rice's aides basically accused her of lying saying no such admission was made.

    At the government level there appears to be superficially at least an attempt to mend bridges as governments are concerned for their nation's economy but if you take Britain as an example which is cited as America's closest ally in europe the truth is that Blair is an exception to the norm and whereas anti americanism was usually confined to the left wing parties and their supporters, Blair is now regularly attacked from every point of the political compass (including his own party) for his close ties with Bush.
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    I have to say that I was not aware of this continued attack on Blair - perhaps because he is being attacked on so many national issues!
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    This is very true.. Read some of Britains politcal satires for examples of this. After Bush won his second term.. Blair looked VERY unhappy, I think he was wanting to wash his hands of his friendship with Bush, but when he won again he understood he couldnt.. Bush is Blairs Albatros right now.. But hey, you make your bed then you lie in it... ;)
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