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News Galloway: punished for defending himself?

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    I just watched the press conference with Mr Galloway and I have to say I kind of see why he's a bit miffed, he faced allegations of "concealing the true source of Iraqi funding" - he himself being vehemently anti government on it's foreign policy - A charge that proved totally false as he had never even asked about the sources. So instead of the committee apologising for the false accusations, and for falsely trying to slander and liable his reputation. They have chosen to suspend him, not because of the reasons for the enquiry, but because of his defence of himself, which they labelled as robust?

    Now I am quite set against this government, I think they have deeply divided a nation over a war that was founded on lies and deceptive political games. So with that in mind I may be biased, but this seems to be somewhat of an abuse of power to me, those in power have failed to substantiate their allegations, and instead of retracting them are blaming the person who was found innocent, "of bringing them into disrepute"?

    I can assure them they are already in disrepute, I'm not sure how much further they can go :smile:

    Some irony here :smile:

    Anyway What do you think of this affair?
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    It will be interesting to see if the House votes to support the recommendation though although it might give rise to a lively debate I suspect it will.

    It appears he is being punished not for any wrongdoing but for upsetting the sensibilities of the committee members investigating him.

    In his interview he made a couple of very valid points
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    Hes a clever politician, no doubt he will bounce back.. Seems to be a trend in this Clever politician coming from Scottish backgrounds :smile:

    He reminds me a lot of Tony Ben actually, another politician I had time for.
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