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An analysis on graduate certificates

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    "An analysis on graduate certificates"

    Hello, I have been thinking quite a lot about what I should do for my next graduate course that will begin from next year on. I am not asking for suggestions of a thesis, but please let me wonder a bit as to why most people who do a PhD almost only write something like
    "An Analysis on a Chemical analysis of ...."
    "On a x86 machine performance"
    "On vector quantization in ...."

    Is it because those are more easie to finish ?
    All of what they write are from google, books only but they can still get a PhD, this makes me think a PhD is easier to get than a college certificate ?
    I will do a master in 2 years to write something similar, "On regression analysis"

    Thank you
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    I'm not sure where you get this impression that a PhD thesis is "easier" and something you can simply google.

    Practically all schools require that a phd research work produce something original and new. You cannot simply duplicate something that was already done. The TECHNIQUE may be the same, or the approach is similar, but maybe the material being studied is different, or it is a new approach, or a slightly different idea. It is why a lot of schools require that before granting a phd., the candidate should have at least a publication in a major peer-reviewed journal. This is a proof that the work being presented is considered to be new by the peers in the subject area.

    So maybe the reason why you can google such a thing was because these work were published in journals by the people who were pursuing their PhD.

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