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An essay regarding bio-chemical adjustment

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    Hello dear PF-members.
    (I'm terribly sorry if this thread is made in the wrong place. Please, if so, change its location.)

    So, I'm writing a final essay in biology class (high school) and we got to pick whatever we wanted to write about more extensively. I stuck for the chemical adjustments in the body and all that.
    So I'm aware of that hormones are the central topic in this essay and I've written a lot of amino acid based hormones (peptide hormones) and steroid hormones.
    Now to my question: Could I add neurotransmitters and write about the substances regarding that without "flying away" to much off topic? And could there be anything else that'd be worth adding to the essay? Thx!
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    Adding the influence of neurotransmitters in your paper is definitely ON-topic. The collective what you are referring to is called "neuromodulation." This article should give you some material for your essay:

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