Analysis and Design of Mechanisms

Hello all, I'm an electrical engineering student searching for some advice regarding a mechanical engineering class. I have to take at least one upper level engineering class that's not electrical for my degree and I would prefer to take an ME class to fulfill that requirement. While browsing my school's course catalog, I noticed a junior level ME class on the analysis and design of mechanisms. I noticed the only ME prerequisite was statics. Lucky for me, I've taken statics already and so I can sign up for the mechanisms class. However, I find it hard to believe that the only ME knowledge you need going into a mechanisms class is statics. Isn't a lot of dynamics knowledge needed for this? And some knowledge about mechanics of materials? I know this varies by the professor teaching the course, but is a mechanisms class considered very difficult? Also, are there any good recommended online sites/PDF files that go over material I can expect from a mechanisms class?​


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Believe it or not, dynamics can be overlooked in a lot of mechanical devices. You're signing up for a class on mechanisms, so don't expect to be designing a moon rocket for your class project.

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