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Medical Anatomical features next to kidney

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    in the attached mri of kidney, what are the features underneath the kidneys, next to the spine? also am i right in saying that above the right kidney is the liver - what is the feature above the left kidney? is it still liver?

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    The 2 things "under" the kidneys next to the spine are the http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Psoas_major_muscle" [Broken].

    Yes above the right kidney is the liver, remember though that in coronal imaging like this you are looking at a mirror image. So the right kidney is actually on the left of the image.

    Above the left kidney (on the right side) is the spleen.
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    bobze is generally right, but you're not looking at a "mirror image." You're looking as if you're looking from the feet up. The end result is the same, that the right side of the body is on the left side of the image, and vice versa. Everything else he explained is correct about what you're seeing.
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    True, story :smile:

    Saying "mirror image" helps me keep track of where I am, in my mind, lol.
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    great, thanks!!
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    It's a mirror image to me, as it would appear to be to everyone else looking at the image, IMO.
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