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Announcement on Mars forthcoming.

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    Do you think they called the vatican a few weeks ago to warn them ? :rolleyes:
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    I'm hoping for some organic matter.
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    I'm hoping for footsteps :biggrin: !
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    Ah the test involved stirring water from earth with Martian soil. It wil be interesting.
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    I'm hoping for a Starbucks.
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    Re: Mars: What's more significant than water?


    Now, lift the off-world drilling ban!

    Serious note: probably live bacteria. Nothing to see really.
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    Re: Mars: What's more significant than water?

    I like the one 'comment' on that second link---
    Gerald Butler: Mars. Desert Planet. Maybe they found “Spice”!

    (maybe they found MTBE)
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    Re: Mars: What's more significant than water?

    They probably found something that would increase the potential for life even more.
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    Re: Where's JH?


    Actually, it's...
    Where's Waldo
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    Re: Mars: What's more significant than water?

    No no, the WMDs man, the WMDs!
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    Re: Mars: What's more significant than water?

    First of all there is likely nothing more important to life as we understand it than water.

    Secondly, what a shocker it would be to find that Mars has a similar element distribution in the soil samples? Let's see. It aggregated into its current form most likely in its next out from the earth slot from the sun. Would there be a reason to suppose that it would be dramatically different is all I can wonder?

    But the current Martian extremes of temperature and lack of atmosphere would surely be extinction events here on earth even if all other things were equal.

    So what that there are several dimensions that are within range of satisfactory for life with so many additional hostile conditions not met nor likely to ever be met?
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    Bush had to be briefed first ?? This means we may never know what was found.

    Why did NASA have to tell an unintelligent life form that we have discovered another unintelligent life form.??
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    "Heard about the recent news reports implying I may have found Martian life. Those reports are incorrect," she Tweeted. "Reports claiming there was a White House briefing are also untrue and incorrect."

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