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Another le chatelier qsneed to make sure

  1. Mar 5, 2007 #1
    1. for the equilibrium reaction below predict what would happen if dilute HCl were added to the K2CrO4 solution?

    2. 2CrO4(aq) + 2H+(aq) <--> Cr2O7(aq) + H2O

    3. The reaction will shift to the right because the acid will donate a proton which will react with H+ to produce hydrogen gas so therefore the rxn has to shift to the right to use up HCl. i need to knwo if this is righhtt. THXN
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    Try writing the equation for the ionization of HCl.

    BTW, H+ will not donate a proton to another H+ to form hydrogen...

    H+ + H+ -----> H2++ ???? (won't happen)
  4. Mar 14, 2007 #3
    So there will b no change in the equation??
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    I guess it depends on how dilute the HCl is compared to the concentrations of the reactants and products. If the HCl did contribute significantly, the HCl would ionize to produce more H+, so the reaction would shift to the right to counteract the addition of reactants.
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