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I Another math in another universe?!

  1. Dec 25, 2015 #1
    Hey everyone.
    I know it may sound just wrong, but i just thought about it.... if it is true that there are unlimited number of parallel universes. and we have limited probabilities of the way things happen. and that means that all probabilities happen in some universes.
    My question is: if math was created when our universe was created. Does that mean that in other universes math is different ( if we assume that they have such a thing as numbers and math )? and that maybe 7 times 5 is = 7 in their universe? and maybe thats why we cant describe these universes?
    and sorry for the bad english XD
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    Firstly, math was not created when the universe was created. Its a purely man made thing. It describes the wonders of the universe. but we invented math. Some guy a long, long time ago must have been looking at sheep or whatever and come up with the bright idea of counting them. Thus was math invented and falling asleep to counting sheep.
  4. Dec 25, 2015 #3
    yes sure. but it mean the concepts of math is there in the universe even before mankind. for example a star and a star are two stars. so then people described it as 1+1=2 but the concept is there before we know what is math. so i am talking about the concept of math or what we can call it ( The mathematical logic ).

    thanks for your reply :)
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    No. The concept of math was introduced by us. This stuff about 1 star, 2 stars etc. what does it mean. What does the number 1 represent? We defined the number 1. And 2, and three and so on. So, in another universe, if it exists, for us, 1 star will still be 1 star. so 1 star + 1 star will be two stars. 1+1=2. Mathematical Logic was also created by us.
    Sure, its funny that so many things in the universe follow these mathematical concepts we have invented- planets go around the earth in elliptical orbits, the earth is almost spherical, nachos are triangular. But thats because we observe and we say, this shape is a circle. And then we formalise it mathematically by giving it an equation. That definiton of what a circle is, of its equation- that was created by us. It didn't just exist.
    Its difficult to grasp that math was invented because we are born with an intuition for maths, so we think it existed before. But maths was invented. Numbers were invented. Geometry, calculus, algebra, set theory, number theory etc etc. All invented by humans.
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    I think UA's last post is a good place to end this thread since it's heading down the road to philosophical oblivion. Thread locked.
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