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Another New Organ!

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    Yes, I read it too. It was quite interesting. Also the cancer connection to the lymph system
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    Interstitium, the new organ, was based on the original paper quoted by the OP above. The article was published March 27, 2018.
    E.g. Relevant quotes:
    "and as a result propose a large-scale revision of the macro- and microanatomy of the human interstitium."

    "In sum, we describe the anatomy and histology of a previously unrecognized, though widespread, macroscopic, fluid-filled space within and between tissues, a novel expansion and specification of the concept of the human interstitium."

    Last time a new organ was discovered was around Christmas time (more than a year ago - see previous post). This time it happened around Easter time. It seems, either way, we get an organ as a gift! ...
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    These 'new organs' were of course existent known structures before, but their exact coherence, function and role was just realized, understood and announced recently, "exalting" them to the level of 'organ' ...

    I think it's also a matter of definition, [i.e.] what we consider as organ and what not ...
    It reminds me the similar case/story of Pluto (in Astronomy), i.e. whether Pluto is a planet or not ...
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    I think the important thing about it was, there was a lymphatic system known physiological function.
    This thing just seems to be what is immediately upstream of the lymphatic system (that's my understanding at least) and feeds into it).
    It would seem to be something that is elaborated through, at least, many different tissues.

    It was not known, or previously described as a deficiency in understanding, previously.
    It could explain some obscure aspects of certain diseases.
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    Like this, for instance (?) ...
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