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Answers of questions in mathematics of classical and quantum physics

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    Hi everybody ,
    I am trying self-studying these days and I am looking for the answers of questions in the book of mathematics of classical and quantum physics (authors are Frederick W.Byron and Robert W.Fuller).If anyone has answers , could he/she notice me ? Suggestions about how to solve problems are also welcome .

    Cheers ,

    P.S : By the way , the book is pretty nice and I recommend to anybody who wants to cope with mathematical rigor of this field .
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    Here's my suggestion. It's much more useful to you that, instead of asking for answer and/or solutions to the problems in Byron's book, to try to solve them yourself. Thataway you'll be certain that the notions you grasped from the book are fully understood. So use this forum (actually the advanced physics section of the HW Help forum) to ask questions and help for the problems that were too difficult for you. Respect the guidelines there, namely try to post your work or your ideas, so we can help you exactly at the points you need.

    So get working and good luck !!

    EDIT: P.S. And do not double post. That's a rule valid for all forums on the internet including this one.
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