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Static structural ansys, rigid body boundary condition

  1. Jun 6, 2017 #1
    hi guys, i am new user on ansys
    i have task from my lecturer. it is about static test for seat bus. i try simulate the seat bus on ansys statical structural. you can see my model on attachment (untitle1.png).
    at that picture, there are 2 bars will push the seat back. the stiffness beahvior of that bars is rigid. and the seat bus is flexible.
    for the boundary condition : (you can see on the attachment picture, untitle5.png)
    1. fix support on the floorpan
    2. force on the bars

    the problem :
    i cant give force to that bars (rigid), can you give me some advice how to give force to that bars or ,the alternatif solution, how to give force to that seat back without that bars?


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    All real material bodies have finite flexibility, so there really does not seem to be any point to knocking yourself out to model that which cannot exist. Instead, why not assign these elements some very large, but finite, stiffness?
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    wow, never thought about it, to give large stiffness to the push bar. thank you very much
    but what if i change the bar and then give force directly to the seat back. will the result same?
  5. Jun 6, 2017 #4
    It would be the same if you could apply the same force that acts between the very stiff support and the seat. The problem is, you cannot know that force a priori. Stick with the very stiff back brace.
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    hmmm, oke thanks
    i already did the simulation, with rigid behavior, and i got an eror, idk why, i will show you the eror message latter, hope you can tell me why eror occured.
    but i will try your suggestion, hope the simulation will not eror.
    thanks sir :)
  7. Jun 7, 2017 #6
    sir, when i use the push bar as rigid body, i got this message as an eror
    anyone can tell me, why i got this message?

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