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Any idea which way is best to learn physics?

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    Im a computer science major and my major requires me to take 2 semesters of physics with calculus, anyone know the best way to get around studying the material and passing the classes.
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    The best way to learn physics is to study the material and do all of the homework problem. Sorry man there is no easy way to learn 400 yrs worth of the accumulated knowledge of the most intelligent men known to our civilization. It is not easy, but the more you put into the more you will get out.
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    You can sort of coast through EP I, but there's really no alternative to studying and homework in EP II. That was the hardest class I've taken in my undergrad experience simply because of the sheer amount of content that's covered. In a circuits class, you just cover circuits, in an EM class you just cover EM, in EP II you cover everything and at a breakneck pace.
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    Read the book. Whatever the textbook is for the class, make sure you read it. It will be the mostly dry, and it will have hand waiving at equations...but I have found for both myself and my students, that actually forcing yourself to read the textbook with the lecture notes will make the concepts much easier to deal with that first time around.

    Also, do at least a couple problems without solutions in the text. Then step away, watch t.v., play a game, read another book, something else than physics, then come back and do the same problem over. If you are getting consistant results, and you can follow your logic, it is likely you have the right solution.

    And Email your professor with conceptual questions! Do not ask for the answer to such and such, its your job to figure it out, it is his/her job to point you in the right direction.
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    do whatever it takes to understand all of your homework problems.
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