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Any models that can predict nuclear reactions?

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    Are there any good models, software or codes that can predict the probabilities of nuclear reactions where an atom of a given type strikes another atom of another type with a given energy? Or is this information only obtainable experimentally?

    To further clarify, I am interested determining the ways that a given isotope can be produced including neutron, proton, gamma rays of various energies. This is for a computer game so even a model that is somewhat off could still be used as a representation of reality in the game as long as it seemed realistic.
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    It is a very complicated subject. I suggest you google "nucleus nucleus collision".
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    Thanks mathman.

    I did some research and first came up with MCNP but that is not available to the public but then noticed GEANT4. I had actually compiled and installed GEANT4 a few years ago on a Linux box of with the intent of modeling geometry of a linac. I forgot that it has the ability to simulate nuclear reactions.

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