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News Any of you guys missing an airplane (or three)?

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    Or more probably went bankrupt.
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    Can't remember where I read it now, but apparently the owner is known to be a defunct international corporation.
    Attempts were made to contact whoever is responsible for disbursement of the assets but no reply, so the planes will be sold off shortly to retrieve the parking space they are using.
    It seems pretty mad to me that there are people in the world who are wealthy enough that losing 3x 747's is trivial matter and unimportant to them.
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    The articles don't name the owner, but state that it is "known". Why was the owner not named?
    The story doesn't make sense. Multi-million dollar assets aren't abandoned, and they certainly aren't left without a paper trail to the owner. The article is probably an attempt to sensationalize some legal procedure (placing an ad in the newspaper) involved in a possible bankruptcy or transfer of ownership. I'm only guessing, but the gist of the article, "abandoned", cannot be true.
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    The plane(s) are probably worth scrap. Every plane after having done a certain number of flight cycles needs a major checkup on all its systems and that includes everything - avionics, fuel tanks, body, electrical cables, hydraulics, ... , plus the necessary upgrades legislated by certain authorities.
    For a plane such as the 747 that could mean a 2$ million cost and three months of non-flying when it is not making money for the owner. For what could be a 30 year old plane, and one that is noisy and ever more expensive to operate, the owner I bet choose to dump the plane, erase tail markings for identification and ownership.
    Malaysia airport Holdings might be able to a buck for all three.
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