Any way to get scientific journals for cheap?

  1. I looking into maybe a subscription of Nature or Science.....but they are like $200 a year....Any cheaper way to get them?
    i am only a poor student :(
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    If you're a student, at least with nature, be sure to say so, and put your university in. That way, the subscription reduces by half. But, since you're a student, why don't you just use the online access through your university for free?
  4. If you're a student, shouldn't you already have access? Usually universities should be providing access to databases with scholarly journals. At least mine does.
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    Yes, it would be a rather unusual university not to have Science and Nature in their journals collection.
  6. Even if you aren't a student, if there are any college campuses near you it's probably perfectly legit for you to go into the college library and use the facilities there.
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