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Medical Anyone care to explain muscle development?

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    In an attempt to grow stronger (i'm quite feeble to be honest) i've decided to start doing dumbbell excercises.

    However, i'm quite curious - what actually causes muscle development? As in the process, what occurs in the body for it to occur, etc.

    Thanks in advance.
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    Welcome to the PF. Here's an intro article with links out to more information.


    Remember to start slowly and take it easy until you learn what weights and lifts work well for you. Yo0 should do some reading about weight training before you start lifting. you can hurt yourself pretty easilyu by lifting incorrectly.
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    ja, lifting is more dangerous than eating.

    anyhoo, this guy's forum is pretty good if you're really into labcoating hypertrophy. but even though he puts a lot of scientific research into it, it doesn't mean his followers get the best results or are even following the most optimal plan.

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