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Anyone ever use a Labjack with LabVIEW?

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    If anyone has, then I sure can use some help. I'n trying to measure a voltaage with one of the inputs on the jack and I keep getting screwed up measurements since the Input always has some voltage on it no matter what. Even if I apply 0V to it, it will still measure around 1.28V. Does anyone here who has used this device have any idea how to fix this, or do I just have to nwork around it? Thanks alot.

    EDIT: I'm sorry, I went to GD out of habit and posted here! Could someone please move this to the correct forum? Thanks again!
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    Even if you ground it its still showing 1.2v?

    What about when you hook up a voltage, does it scale linearly? (5v input shows 6.2v)?

    I have some labview experience, but if youre getting readings perhaps its faulty or leaky hardware.
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    Thats the weird thing. When I hook up a voltage of 5V, the thing reads 5V!

    I only see this other voltage when the applied voltage is small. I really have no idea whats wrong, here.
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    Sounds like you are talking about the LabJack U12. Sounds like your signal has too much impedance and can't properly drive the U12 analog inputs. See the following from our forum:

    http://www.labjack.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=889" [Broken]
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