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Anyone had problems with the Razor phone?

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    A friend of mine has had two Razors go out on her in the space of a year. The audio becomes crackly, both outgoing and incoming.

    The tech help told her that this only happens to a small percentage of this model, but it seems that alot of people have problems with Razors.

    They said they'd give her a new razor, but she wants something else that's reliable. That would involve "upgrading" if she's eligible for that, or outright buying a new phone.

    Anyway, have any of you had troubles with it? Were you able to get any satisfaction?
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    My cell phone is the basic "free" phone they offered. I'm into functional, not frlilly.
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    Just to be clear, you're saying you have a Razor but have had no problems with it?
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    Yeah, it was a *****. The first time that I tried to shave with it, I got an antenna stuck up my nose.
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    I thought this might be her problem but she insists she doesn't know how all the little hairs got stuck to it.
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    I just recently "upgraded" phones, but didn't get the razor because I've heard murmurings of people not being happy with them. I haven't heard any specifics, just that they were over-hyped mostly.

    I'm not sure the so-called upgrade I got is any better, though. I'm thinking I might have been better off just buying the battery my old phone needed. I thought getting a new phone for free would be better than paying $50 for a new battery. I keep needing to pull out the battery to reset this stupid thing when it stops responding. I don't need a phone with all the features this thing has, but they didn't have any tri-mode phones that didn't have all these extra features (that's the only thing I DO need is a tri-mode phone because it's not far to the middle of nowhere with only analog signal from here).
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    One guy here said he read they have heat dissipation problems which leads to premature breakdown. I thought if I could verify this she could use it as leverage to get a more robust phone to replace it without any undue hassle.
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    How short? And were they curly? How big was that antenna?
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    Mmmmmmmmmm, no. Mine works just fine. Everyone has one of these, and I have not heard them complaining.

    The only thing that sucks is the voice recognition, but thats a software thing.
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    I know three people that had them and then had to get new ones (they were popular here when they first came out), except most of their problems were due to the phones being too fragile. One friend had it in her purse one day, came home, took it out and it was in two pieces. Another had it in his pocket and it fell out when he sat down and stopped working, the other friend's one just died one day for no reason.
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