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Anyone here use Crest Pro Health for that methhead-look that's in now?

  1. Aug 19, 2008 #1

    SCARY stuff. I've googled the internet and this doesn't seem to be a joke. People everywhere are waking up with brown meth-addict teeth!

    Scary thing is I just bought a bottle today and used it... so here's to me not waking up with brown spots on my teeth tomorrow morning :surprised


    So what's the deal here? I have trouble believing that a company will leave a product that stains people's teeth on the market for months like this. Does anyone here use it? Anyone have any trouble with it?

    Should I throw away the bottle?

    Should I jump out my window and run around screaming like a lunatic in my PJ's and wake up all the neighbors?

    Basically I have to be up in 5 hours. 'nite (morning?).
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    Ack! I wouldn't use that stuff. Maybe you should talk to the place you bought it from and let them know about this.
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    When I was at Target a few weeks ago, I considered trying that stuff out, but ended up going with the classic Listerine - I'm glad I did :smile:

    edit... wow, the bad part is that the article was published in early March 2008, and it seems like nothing has gone on since then...
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    I notice there seems to be a number of comments about this on the net. And apparently some of it was brought to a head more recently as a result of a Today show from May 8.

    Apparently the browning spots may be a result of cetylpyridinium chloride that is the active ingredient in the mouthwash.

    Fwiw I did find this note from WebMD that claims the article was reviewed by dentists:
    "Mouth rinses and washes containing chlorhexidine and cetylpyridinium chloride can also stain teeth."

    The anecdotal references to loss of taste for any period of time are noted by a couple of accounts, but I found little to support this outside the few accounts.
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    hmmm I use it, but not daily, maybe twice a week. I've used it for several months without any side effects.
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    I used it daily for several months, with no side effects at all. My husband had the loss of taste, and quit using it.
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    I use the toothpaste, I don't like the taste, but I noticed my teeth are whiter.

    But I've also broken my arm twice since I started using it!! I'd be very careful!.
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    Crest Pro Health rinse definitely caused a problem for me. When I first checked the Crest web site about a month ago the FAQ suggested using Crest whitening strips. :devil:

    Now I can't even get the FAQ page to come up??


    A big problem I notice is that the space between the teeth is not being helped by the strips.
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    hm... maybe I'll go back to listerine/scope after all.

    :eek: this stuff is more dangerous than I thought!
  11. Aug 19, 2008 #10
    Evo, I wonder if Stannous Fluoride (0.454%) and Sodium Hexametaphosphate somehow promote osteoporosis.....
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