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Anyone know how to solve a quintic or quartic?

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    Anyone know how to solve a quintic or quartic? (thanks)
    (try to list your information, its helpfull!)[/CENTER]
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    Re: Quintic/Quartic

    The code did not work so for get the "(/center)" in my question
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    Re: Quintic/Quartic

    There is no equivalent to the quadratic formula for quintic polynomials if that's what you're getting at. There is for quartic polynomials, but it's not something you really want to use.

    http://planetmath.org/encyclopedia/QuarticFormula.html [Broken]

    Can you explain a bit more what you want to do? Is it really just solve a general polynomial?
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    Re: Quintic/Quartic

    The easiest way would be to use the remainder theorem, but thats hit/miss. A lot of times you can use the coefficients to get the result you're after, but that depends on the application.
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