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Anyone know of a good experiment?

  1. Apr 10, 2009 #1
    I'm off school for two weeks, and I'm incredibly bored. And I keep thinking I should do a physics experiment. But the question is, what kind of physics experiment?

    Keeping in mind, I live in a VERY small town.

    [JOKE]P.S. I asked my parents if I could connect their house to a homemade particle accelerator and they said no.
    And I got arrested for building that nuclear reactor. Although, that was probably because I bought the fissionable materials from terrorists.[/JOKE]
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    Here is an interesting site for you.
    http://www.fourmilab.ch/gravitation/foobar/" [Broken]
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    If you know your computers, you can set up a pendulum and use an old roller-ball mouse to measure the oscillations. This can demonstrate SHM, damping, and resonance.

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    One day when it's nice and clear, try and see if you can use a hose or sprinkler to create a rainbow in your garden/outdoors. Takes a bit of knowledge regarding the position of the sun and the angle at which you view the water drops, but if you have the right conditions it can be carried out pretty easilly.
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    How about measuring the rate at which water is rises upwards through absorbent materials such as tissues.I know a young lady who did this as her A level physics project and although her teacher initially pooh poohed her choice she ended up getting full marks .She is now a surgeon.
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    Fill a balloon with CO2 gas. Because the speed of sound in CO2 is lower than in air, it acts as a lens for sound. If you hold the ballon against your ear, it amplifies the sound.
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