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Schools Anyone who goes or has gone to Iowa State University?

  1. Dec 28, 2012 #1
    One of my options for school (EE major) is ISU. The people i have talked to say that it is one of the top ten engineering schools in the US. What about some of you guys? Does ISU really deserve all the hype that i have been hearing?
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    Depends. What are your other options? Rankings don't really mean anything. Does the school win design/programming competitions? Do they have well known faculty? Do they have good placements in graduate school? How rigorous are the courseloads that average students take? How accessible are the professors? Have you visited the campus? If so, how motivated did the EE students seem to you? Does it seem like you will fit in at the school? Ask yourself these questions without looking at rankings. Rankings are chosen by people who may not have your needs in mind.

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