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Approximate cost auto focus reading glasses?

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    Take an 80 dollar pair of adjustable focus glasses,


    and use range finding hardware from a camera, add micro servos to control focus, add a computer to run it all, enable voice commands like, "hold focus"? The glasses would be for someone like me with fixed focus eyes.

    Assume we could sell a million a year at some price point assuming they did not look too stupid. What might be an approximate cost to produce such a gizmo? Could it be done for about a $100?

    With good eyes no one would need such a device.

    Thanks for any help!
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    If the glasses are adjustable as the ad notes, what does the range finder and stuff add?
    Just put them on and adjust the focus. They get customized automatically that way.
    So what am I missing?
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    I had cataract surgery and got the cheaper set of implant lens which are fixed focal length. My eyesight is great for driving and if I am about 3.5 feet or farther the computer screen it is readable. I have two pair of reading glasses, +2 and +1.5 diopter that are good for about 1.5 and 2.5 feet. They are most sharp over a narrow range around 1.5 and 2.5 feet. If the glasses could auto focus on what I was looking at I would have back the ability I use to have when I was 7, great sight.

    Probably need clever software to control focus and energy efficient servos and computer so batteries did not need to be too big.
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    Yeah, but etudiant's point is why not make it a manual focus adjustment? The automatic adjustment will be very problematic and bulky.
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    If we all wondered what was wrong with manual focusing, we wouldn't have autofocus cameras.

    The technology to capture an image, analyse the focus and control the correction in a very small and light package does exist.

    My Samsung S3 has it all in a chip about 20 mm square.

    However, adapting or re-creating that technology for this application would be expensive and need a high skill level.

    On the other hand, the market is huge. Presbyopia affects the majority of people over 50 and I think enough of those would buy autofocus spectacles if the functionality and price were right.
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    Hmm, actually maybe there is some synergy with Google Glass... The camera in it probably already has the autofocus stuff built in, so you could just use that info to do the adjusting of some lenses that are added to the assembly...
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    the autofocus has to know where you are lookin at to work as expected.
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