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Auto Trader Group plc is a British automotive classified advertising business. It specialises in new and second hand automotive sales, including cars sold by private sellers and trade dealers. It is listed on the London Stock Exchange, and is a constituent of the FTSE 100 Index.

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  1. dlgoff

    Why can't the US make auto microprocessor chips?

    Why can't these companies make auto microprocessor chips?
  2. T

    A Trying to solve an auto accident question

    My wife was involved in an auto accident and the state DPS was unable to determine the speed of the other vehicle. The impact occurred at an intersection when my wife was making a left hand turn. In the middle of the turn is when she noticed the truck coming up the hill at her. She swerved back...
  3. Z

    Other Auto Apply 5000: Automated Job Application Bot for Effortless Job Hunting

    I created a bot that can automatically apply to jobs for me while I sleep. I let her rip for about 30 seconds, and she had applied to 10 jobs already. I'm going to just let her go while I sleep tonight and see what happens. She simply finds jobs with the "Apply with your Indeed Resume" option...
  4. Wrichik Basu

    Handling brake failure/stuck accelerator in auto transmission cars

    It's been a year since I was issued my driving licence. I have never driven automatic transmission cars, so my idea about them is very faint. I know that there is no clutch pedal, and one doesn't have to shift gears while driving forward - that's it. Last day, I was watching a TV show where...
  5. L

    Where to teach auto trades online?

    Hi, I just got hired as a tire technician at a place. My main tasks would be to mount tires. I think that this job is more of a career than being a dishwasher at a weird restaurant which is part time at best. I feel that at this job an appropriate side hustle would be to teach this trade online...
  6. J

    Electrical Everybody wants to know how to disable auto shutoff on a heating pad

    I am working on used device works on low not the three higher levels. I drew out circuit so I could see how it works. The ground goes to three of the four wires to the pad fourth wire is ac positive which goes thru some thing like scr comes in on a1 and goes out on a2 and controlled by gate...
  7. mertcan

    I Auto Regressive Moving Average Model (ARMA) Ljung-Box Test

    Hi, according to ARMA model it is said that in order to check out white noise terms, Ljung-Box is applied involving sum of squared autocorrelations of errors with relevant lags. In short, sum of them is chi-square distribution but n-p-q degree of freedom when we have ARMA(p,0,q) model. My...
  8. Ash81

    Automotive Does adding accessories to the front of a vehicle affect its payload capacity?

    Please forgive me if I am wrong but I am having a bit of a debate regarding vehicle payloads and load distribution My argument is that the weight of the bullbar, lights and other forward mounted accessories on the front of a utility infront of the front axle has no interference with the weight...
  9. Y

    Auto Loan, Cash Back, Pay Off Instantly - Recommendation

    Can anyone recommend a auto loan provider, that gives me cash back, that I can then pay off instantly, and get out ahead to save money? Example, loan provider X, will give me $1,000 cash back to attract me to choosing them for financing, So if I were to purchase a $15,000 vehicle, the loan...
  10. J

    Old 6 volt auto headlight in series with 1154 on 12 volts

    If one hooks a 1154 and an old 6 volt automotive headlamp in series and powers it with 12 volts will the headlamp being that it is higher wattage cause all the current flow thru the smaller wattage bulb causing it to burn out?
  11. K

    Help understanding auto transformer shorting

    Will someone please help me understand the significance of shorting an auto transformer? This feeds a motor. At reduced voltage, the motor starts at 65% of line voltage, a run contactor pulls in bypassing the transformer and the shorting contactor pulls into take the transformer out of the...
  12. A

    Auto Timing Belt Tooth Profile

    Have not been here for many years. I am a retired chemical engineer who loves to work on cars but I know my limitations! Subaru uses two timing belt designs on their 2.5 SOHC non turbo engines. The Forester/Impreza platform uses a modified curvilinear belt and the Legacy/Outback platform uses a...
  13. M

    A How Does the Bifurcation Diagram in AUTO Represent Mathematical Concepts?

    Hi PF I am given the ODE ##\ddot{\theta} +q\sin\theta+\mu\cos\theta=0##, where I introduce ##x_1 = \theta## and ##x_2=\dot{\theta}## to yield$$ \dot{x_2}=-q\sin x_1-\mu\cos x_1\\ x_2=\dot{x_1} $$ subject to ##x_2(0)=x_2(1)=0## and ##\int_0^1\sin x_1\, d t = 0##. I then plug this system into...
  14. Evangeline101

    Auto Ionization of Water: Understanding the Equilibrium and Heat Transfer

    Homework Statement Homework EquationsThe Attempt at a Solution [/B] I'm confused with this question... first off isn't heat being removed from the product side since the Kw value is on the product side? If I assume heat is being removed from the product side, wouldn't the reaction shift to...
  15. M

    How do I download AUTO Hi PF on a Mac?

    Hi PF! I'm trying to run AUTO07p on a mac OSX Yosemite. Attached are the instructions for downloading I was given. I downloaded Command Line Tools (step 1) a different way, but I have downloaded them. Once I arrive at step 8, after typing auto, I am prompted "command not found" Any help would...
  16. D

    Lower Bound on Weighted Sum of Auto Correlation

    Homework Statement Given ##v = {\left\{ {v}_{i} \right\}}_{i = 1}^{\infty}## and defining ## {v}_{n}^{\left( k \right)} = {v}_{n - k} ## (Shifting Operator). Prove that there exist ## \alpha > 0 ## such that $$ \sum_{k = - \infty}^{\infty} {2}^{- \left| k \right|} \left \langle {v}^{\left (...
  17. J

    Calculating wheel torque from engine torque

    Im currently writing a code to find the optimum rpm points to shift gears to maximize acceleration. Thus far I've found the shift points and the rpm's after an upshift, meaning I have my bounds on my rpm vs torque curve. For simplicity's sake I'm assuming and increase of 1000 rpm to take 1...
  18. Shriraam Prabu

    Auto track using Kinematic model

    Hi, I'm trying to implement an auto track guidance system for ground vehicles (Eg Tractors), I'm using Matlab and Simulink. I'm at a point where I can calculate heading errors. I'm not too sure how to calculate the lateral errors. Also, I need help in designing the controller. I'm using...
  19. bpcaddy

    Automotive Crash Test Software for VW Rabbit Car 1981

    For my senior project i plan on litening a vw rabbit car. 1981. Any software that i could uuse to model the care and provide great data on how i could improve the safety after i cut it up to lighten it? Thinking adding roll bars or something.
  20. R

    Auto ignition temperature in pure O2

    First of all (and I know this is not the place I'm supposed to introduce myself,) I'd like to say hi to the forums. Now onto my question. For the past few weeks, I've been thinking about an idea I had. That idea was to use pure oxygen to oxidize a combustion reaction in an engine. I'm sure...
  21. R

    Clip that will auto release under load?

    First time poster. Looking for a clip that will release under a load of ~250lbs. Been looking at shear pins and torsion springs but wondering if something already exists. It will be used between two ropes and will release automatically once load is hit. Something adjustable from 200lbs. to...
  22. A

    Contribution of the auto dissociation of water

    Homework Statement How much does the auto - dissociation of water contribute to the pH a 10e+3M aqueous solution of sulphuric acid? Homework Equations Ka = [H30+][SO42-}/[HSO4-] = 1.1e-2 Kw = [OH-][H30+] The Attempt at a Solution Sulphuric acid is a strong acid in the first hydrolysis step...
  23. leafjerky

    Automotive Help Me Design My Z's Headers for 6k Peak Torque RPM

    Hey guys I'm new here. I'm an ME student and I'm working on a project. I originally posted this on my350z forum and no one replied. Maybe it's too boring I don't know. If anyone has experience can you help me? Thanks. Hey guys, so I've been recently delving more and more into my z and wanting...
  24. K

    Impulse and Momentum of an auto

    Homework Statement An automobile has a mass of 2300 kg and a velocity of +16 m/s. It makes a rear-end collision with a stationary car whose mass is 1800 kg. The cars lock bumpers and skid off together with the wheels locked. (a) What is the velocity of the two cars just after the collision? (b)...
  25. S

    Difference between Auto- and Cross-correlation function

    Hello I want to know what is the difference between Auto-Correlation function and Cross-Correlation? I googled both but didn't find any answer which I could understand. I want you people to make me understand with quite easy language just like a spoon feeding. And also tell me what...
  26. S

    Auto aerodynamic illustration

    Trying to evaluate airflow around a vehicle and behind it to calculate where an object would rest after leaving driver side window.
  27. zoobyshoe

    What are acceptable compression test readings for a 4 cylinder engine?

    I've never done this before, and undertook it for the first time today, guided by books, google, and YouTube. My truck's a 4 cylinder. I did the first test after driving it for a while to warm it up. I got 150-150-146-140 psi for the four respective cylinders 1-2-3-4. The instruction I was...
  28. Spinnor

    Approximate cost auto focus reading glasses?

    Take an 80 dollar pair of adjustable focus glasses, http://www.ebay.com/itm/ADLENS-HEMISPHERE-Adjustable-Reading-Glasses-Plastic-Round-Eyeglass-Frame-Gray-/310892439221?_trksid=p2054897.l4275 and use range finding hardware from a camera, add micro servos to control focus, add a computer to run...
  29. S

    What is the topic of auto regresive in math?

    I have a model (autoregressive model) described as follows: Y(n)=Y(n-1)*c This model in math, is it considered non-linear? In DSP (digital signal processing), it is called autoregressive. Why in math, this model is not studied? Or, what is the name of the topic discussing this model? (i want to...
  30. S

    Circular Motion: Net Force and Direction

    1. Homework Statement A 1500 kg car drives around a flat 200-m-diameter circular track at 25 m/s. What is the magnitude and direction of the net force on the car? What causes this force? 2. Homework Equations F=mv2/r 3. The Attempt at a Solution So I suppose the net force is...
  31. J

    How to stop PF GUI auto changing i to I?

    Hi, I notice my posts now have spell-check which I like but it's also changing little I to capital I which is a problem for me since I frequently make complex analysis posts which involves complex i. . I believe that's my web browser doing that right and not PF? Is there a way to disable...
  32. M

    Parasitic Auto Battery Testing

    Hello all. Was wondering when I test for amps on my car's battery when sitting in my driveway why doesn't the car's electronics work when I hook up the battery via a serialized multimeter? The current should still, theoretically, go through the meter to the car's electrical system but it...
  33. B

    Medical Auto immune only attacks parts of the body?

    This has puzzled me for a while now: A friend of mine has been told he has an auto-immune disease that has attacked his right eye - something called ocre or maybe just ocr ? If my understanding was correct that an auto imune disease can attack certain types of tissues why wouldn't he...
  34. V

    Auto correlation function for water molecules in a box

    I have simulated a box water molecules (1500 water molecules) using molecular dynamics method in NpT ensemble. I got the time auto-correlation function (C(t) vs t, time) where its function line is parallel to x-axis. Which means the C(t) is zero. I understand the water molecules are...
  35. Y

    Auto Insurance monthly interest rate. Having trouble

    [b]1. If you took out a $11,250 car loan at 3.840 % for 5 yrs (60 months), (a) what would be the monthly payment? (b) what is the difference between paying the $11,250 up front versus taking a loan out for it? [b]2. Interest formula: I= P r T [b]3. (a) I= (11,250)(.03840)(5)...
  36. edward

    News Romney made $15 million from the auto bail out

    OOPS make that $15 MILLION I saw a bit of this on TV last night which is unusual because I don't usually watch MSNBC. I was just flipping for News on the hurricane aftermath. After seeing it I googled the term "Romney Elliot Management Delphi" The results were quite troubling...
  37. K

    UNBELIEVABLE Grand Theft Auto 5 physics engine

    Allegedly, this video is a test demo of the physics and vehicle damage engine that will be included in the upcoming video game Grand Theft Auto 5. I'm not sure if this a hoax or if it's the real deal. If it's true then we will finally have some breathtakingly realistic crashes. Although...
  38. C

    Newton's Method (as applied to Auto Financing)

    Homework Statement A car dealer sells a new car for $18,000. He also offers to sell the same car for monthly payments of $375.00 for five years. What monthly rate is this dealer charging?Homework Equations A = [R(1 - (1 + i))^-60] / i where A = the present value, R = the monthly payment, i =...
  39. L

    Relays for AC/DC Auto Start Control Panel

    Are there relays which work with both AC and DC? I am design an Auto Start Control panel which will activate on a 24 VDC power signal OR loss of 120 VAC power. I am using relays to accomplish this and I am not very familiar with them. I was thinking a 24VDC relay connected to the 24 VDC...
  40. J

    Difficult situation in auto repair needs ideas

    We were working on the van yesterday changing spark plugs. the air filter was in the way so I went to remove it and a small socket fell into the open spark plug hole into the cylinder. We went out and bought a small spring loaded magnet to fish it out, but it kept picking it up from the side and...
  41. G

    DIY Auto Dog Dish: Simple Build & Refill Ideas

    Have you ever seen those dog watering bowls that automatically refill using an inverted water tank? The vacuum keeps the water in the tank even though the tank water level is higher than the dish. But when the dog drinks the water, the water empties out and the net force keeping the water in the...
  42. rootX

    Are Auto-Washrooms Really Hygienic?

    Do you like auto-flushers, auto-towel paper dispensers, auto-hand dryers, and auto faucets? I have had many frustrating experiences using these auto/sense things . What annoys me the most is people who make them don't even bother to put a manual control for them.
  43. A

    Understanding Autotransformers and Dot Convention: A Question on V1 and V2

    Hello, I have the following question regarding autotransformers and dot convention (please see attached). Can anyone give any guidance? I think I have an answer for part (a) but not completely sure if this is correct as I haven't come across a similar example before, sorry about the lack of...
  44. R

    Auto Charging system logistics

    Hello this is my first post, I just joined, I hope I am posting in the correct place. I belong to some computer forums and some biker forums but not sure how these technical forums work. I am not a student but an enthusiest (spelling?). My current subject study is: In automotive charging...
  45. V

    Determinant of auto correlation matrix

    Hello everyone, I have a question.. if I have a data stream X=some thousand random numbers with mean close to 0 and standard deviation close to 1 and then I construct my autocorrelation matrix from these numbers Q=|R_xx{0} R_xx{1}...R_xx{L}| | R_xx{1} R_xx{0} ...R_xx{L-1}|...
  46. C

    What research has been done on optimizing combustion in automobile engines?

    I want to find papers of studies done on combustion in automobile engines. I know there was a lot of work doine on this, unfortunatelly I cannot find ANYTHING. If I type "combustion in engines" in the search field of any journal/search engine, I get completely unrelated junk. I'm looking for...
  47. T

    Fourier transform of the auto correlation function to get energy

    Homework Statement The Fourier transform of the auto correlation function is the energy spectral density (ESD) of a signal. Here is the "apparent" proof: \int e^{-jwT} [ \int g(t)g(t+T)dt] dT => \int g(t)[ \int g(T+t)e^{-jwT}dT] dt What happened here? Why did the second integral change from...
  48. J

    Auto shutdown problem in automobile(motorcycle)

    I have a doubt regarding automobile like bikes. While driving, on applying clutch, (sometimes) the engine gets shutdown automatically(may be you might have experienced or noticed somewhere). So what might be the reason behind this. Please give your suggestion. Thank you.
  49. J

    How to convert DC to AC for auto sensor?

    Can anyone help me convert 12v DC to AC for the purpose of measuring fluid permittivity in real time, automotive application? I'm new to PF and limited experience, so all the help/details you can provide are greatly appreciated.
  50. A

    Designing an Auto Match Unit for RF supply

    I've picked up a 13.56 MHz RF generator from eBay which I plan to use for an ICP plasma project (this is what it was designed for). I need to construct an RF coil and parallel capacitor with a resonant frequency of 13.56 MHz but I also need to construct an AMU as, as I understand it, as soon...