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Reading is the process of taking in the sense or meaning of letters, symbols, etc., especially by sight or touch.For educators and researchers, reading is a multifaceted process involving such areas as word recognition, orthography (spelling), alphabetics, phonics, phonemic awareness, vocabulary, comprehension, fluency, and motivation.Other types of reading and writing, such as pictograms (e.g., a hazard symbol and an emoji), are not based on speech based writing systems. The common link is the interpretation of symbols to extract the meaning from the visual notations or tactile signals (as in the case of Braille).

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  1. V

    Why optical pyrometer gives a low reading?

    From my knowledge, the optical pyrometer determines temperature of a body based on the visible part of the heat radiation spectrum emitted by a body. Now the iron piece was red hot inside the furnace as well as outside the furnace, so it is emitting heat radiation in the visible part both while...
  2. U

    Comp Sci X86 NASM reading from the terminal and writing back to the terminal

    cpu 8086 segment code ..start mov ax,data mov ds,ax mov ax,stack mov ss,ax mov sp,dno mov es, ax start_2 mov ah, 0x0a mov dx, buffer int 21h cmp al, 0 je print_lines inc word [count] mov si, buffer mov di, line mov cx, 100...
  3. abdulbadii

    Reading a wood cutting blade specification

    How do we read and understand a wood cutting blade specification (e.g. below) ? Is the grinder spacer flange nut for 16 mm center diameter metal cutting disc can safely be used for 20 mm one of such blade?
  4. J

    Studying Reading "How to Prove It" right before taking Calculus I -- Question

    If I were to read up to and including Chapter 3, would I be prepared enough to read Spivak's Calculus or at least some single variable calculus text based on proofs? I'm asking because I plan on taking Real Analysis later and I'd like to gain a better understanding of Calculus. I have read...
  5. K

    How Has Teaching Physics Since 1996 Shaped My Love for Reading?

    I 'v worked as a physics teacher in a famous senior school since I got my degree in 1996. And, reading is one of my loves.
  6. DTMsurf

    Nuclear Energy reading material

    Summary: I am looking for suggestions on an informative read surrounding nuclear energy I am a junior year physics student at UCSB looking to go to grad school for nuclear physics and eventually work with nuclear energy. My curriculum at UCSB does not offer any explicit classes surrounding...
  7. A

    PE (Portable Executable) file reading in C

    I need to read PE file. I need to search word in PE file. Search is required to cover only the sections with the “executable” flag. And I need to specify the section where the word found. How can I do this in C? I hope you can help me. And I cannot use 3rd party libraries. This is my task and...
  8. knapklara

    Graph Reading: Get it Right the First Time!

    I'm fairly certain that the first one is marked correctly. Should the second one be where there are red marks or is it correct as it was marked previously? Any advice with graph reading?
  9. MathematicalPhysicist

    Suggestions for future reading — Supergravity by Freedman or A First Course in String Theory by Zweibach?

    What do you recommend to read first, Supergravity by Freedman or A First Course in String Theory by Zweibach? For future consideration.
  10. Philip Koeck

    I Reading course in statistical physics

    This is the beginning of an online reading course of the book "Statistical physics" by Reif, volume 5 in the Berkeley physics course, using PF. We'll start with chapter 3 and loop back to the initial 2 chapters if necessary. All questions should be specifically about what is written in the this...
  11. yucheng

    I Reading Paper on Earth Occultation Technique

    The Burst and Transient Source Experiment Earth Occultation Technique https://www.semanticscholar.org/paper/The-Burst-and-Transient-Source-Experiment-Earth-Harmon-Fishman/b4e57f91de6fec73fa680bcd7d6efbdf0de10bee In **Appendix B**, the authors derive the equations for the occultation times...
  12. sacrovalle

    Recommendations on introductory reading to ionosphere phenomena

    Hello everyone! I'm currently an Aerospace major student entering my third year of college, studying in northern Mexico. After enrolling in a summer school by Mexico's national space weather lab, I have been offered an opportunity to participate in the development of an ionosonde antenna in my...
  13. Tianluo_Qi

    Quantum Reading list recommendation for HEP-ph to HEP-th/math-ph transition

    One sentence summarization For a student initially working on a more phenomenological side of the high energy physics study, what is the recommendation of introductory reading materials for them to dive into a more mathematically rigorous study of the quantum field theory. Elaboration...
  14. W

    Reading for dark matter versus modified gravity

    Does anyone have any good laypersons reads to get a good summary the dark matter versus modified gravity? Thanks
  15. Physicistpropeller

    Programs Research paper reading suggestions

    Hey guys, I am currently in 11th grade. I am just used to solving Olympiad problems and proving some random theorems. I think i should start studying some reasearch papers for ny own benefit..any suggestions for where to start with? Suggest from intro to intermediate level...will be fine...
  16. Eclair_de_XII

    LaTeX How to loop through reading .txt files while conditioning on line no.?

    \newcommand{\printNum}[2]{% #1 #2% } \newread\readEng \newread\readEsp \newread\readLineNo \newcount\myLineCount \myLineCount=0 \newcommand{\printNumRow}{\loop\global\advance\myLineCount by 1\read\readEng to \Eng \read\readEsp to \Esp \printNum{\Eng}{\Esp}\ifnum\myLineCount=\linenum...
  17. Milsomonk

    A US Muon-g2 experiment - reading recommendations

    Hi folks, Hope everyone is keeping well. I've recently read the headlines of "strong evidence for new force of nature" pertaining to the Muon g-2 experiment. Interesting as I find the article in the BBC linked below: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/56643677 I'd love to read some...
  18. T

    JavaScript Javascript reading files: how should I have asked?

    Hello A few weeks ago (March 7) I asked how to have Javascript read a data file of numbers into an array. I now understand why this is such a challenge when running a code on a web page, locally. I have since found a sufficient workaround. I hope I can share it in the hope that someone can...
  19. kyphysics

    Reading Books in 5 Hours - Question

    I've seen various articles say that a typical person can read a book within five hours. These are presumably non-academic textbooks and things like biography, non-fiction, etc. The page length cited often is 300 pages. Sure, I think I've done that occasionally, but I'm a slower reader than...
  20. N

    Fortran Having trouble when reading file using Fortran 90

    implicit none!do not use an undetermined constant character(len=18)::fname character(len=22)::fname_2 character(len=19)::fname_3 character(len=7)::yyyymmd character(len=1)::dash character(len=1)::d character(len=1)::f1 character(len=1)::f2 character(len=1)::f3 character(len=1)::f4...
  21. I

    Classical Reading Goldstein's Classical Mechanics as an Undergraduate

    We were prescribed Goldstein, Taylor and Marion/Thornton for our first course in analytical mechanics, and I'm about to finish up the course but I feel like I have not gotten a good physical, intuitive grasps of the concepts, so I've been trying to read the texts a bit more. Taylor and...
  22. ope0409

    Transformer load reading calculation

    I need help to get the percentage current loading on this transformer with the following parameters transformer size is 500KVA Primary voltage is 11KV Secondary voltage is 415v power factor is 0.8 current in Red phase is 315A Current in yellow phase is 302A Current in blue phase is 317A Neutral...
  23. P

    Changing galvanometer reading in the secondary coil of a transformer?

    The present setup is a step-down transformer. Im thinking if n1 is decreased to match or be less than n2, then it will be a step up transformer. so A. (but answers say B)?
  24. J

    "Power reading" for learning physics?

    Does power reading works when learn physics fields,mechanics,aeorospace,electrics etc?
  25. yucheng

    Applied Is Piaggio's Differential Equations worth reading?

    I got to know of this book through Freeman Dyson's obituary. Just wondering, is it useful in studying Physics (it seems to cover everything), do people even use it these days? I understand differential equations are basically half of Physics. By the way, this book is really old, are there any...
  26. dRic2

    How Do You Correctly Parse and Convert Strings to Numbers in Octave?

    Hi, I used to use MATLAB for this kind of thing, but now my pc broke and I need to run some scripts. I have a .txt file structured like this 10 -2.34454 12 -2.34566 14 -2.34677 ... ... and I want to store the data in two variables: the first is the "counting" (10, 12, ...) and the second is...
  27. jamalkoiyess

    How do you guys read a textbook?

    I am always trying to read textbooks (physics, in courses, or independently), and every time I end up in one of these situations: The book gets too technical for me to understand, or mentions something I do not know. The book goes on for too long and gets boring after the introductory chapters...
  28. V

    Comp Sci Programming with Java -- Reading From the Terminal

    Right now I am learning coding on Java using IntelliJ IDEA. I have coded before on C++ and then Python, so I understand a little on Java. I'm not really sure how exactly I would change code so that it would read input from the terminal? Would I have to use a Scanner for this? I can post the...
  29. B

    Determine the new differential reading in a manometer

    Not sure how to start off this question I'm confused how to begin if I do not the exact pressure on either pipe A or pipe B Only thing that I can deduce from this is that if pipe A exerts a smaller pressure than before then the mercury column on the left side would rise i.e. the new...
  30. B

    Calculating this gauge pressure reading

    Hi everyone! How do I go about solving this problem? I tried working out the gauge pressure using this but I have a few unknowns which won't make this possible such as what is the length of x which I labelled in the figure Any help would be appreciated! Thanks
  31. Y

    Please help solving this problem: Reading & Writing Records in a Structure

    Hi I have a funky problem I have been working on for over a day, it is supposed to be quite simple, but I have funny result. What the program does is to pick out one of the five records(of structure) stored in the file, modify it and store back into the file in the same position. It supposed to...
  32. B

    Calculate the manometer reading

    Having some trouble in answering part b) of this question I managed to find the right answers for part a) if that is maybe needed in part b) which I got 26.7 kPa, 18.8 kPa, 38.6 kPa and 13.9 kPa for levels A, B, C and air pressure respectively Not too sure what part b) is technically asking...
  33. D

    A Suggested reading for quantum information applications in QFT

    What would you say is essential reading for those of us who want to understand how exactly is QFT benefiting from QI? Can anyone give a summary of what is happening, and where to start reading? (at postgraduate/entry-research-level).
  34. M

    I Looking for introductory level reading on Rabi and Ramsey spectroscopy

    Hello! Can someone point me towards some introductory levels readings on Rabi and Ramsey spectroscopy. It seems that most readings online are scientific papers, I would like something more basic (e.g. lecture notes). Thank you!
  35. M

    MATLAB Reading all .csv files with different names

    Hi PF! I am trying to read all the .csv files in a folder. When I execute OFdata = readtable('/home/josh/Documents/NASA/PSI_DATA/Double_Drain/ICF1-9/OpenFOAM_DATA/*.csv'); I get a general error. However, replacing the asterisk with the file name, it load no issue. I've seen online how to...
  36. E

    C/C++ C++ Program Suddenly Ends after Reading Huge Data

    I have written a C++ code in Visual Studio 2019 that requires an input tab-delimited text file and outputs a text file that is also tab-delimited. The data within the text file are stored in a vector and then it will perform calculations, whose results will then be written in a text file as...
  37. S

    Is the Protagonist Reading Hawking to Understand Quantum Physics in Fantasy?

    The metaphysics in my fantasy novel incorporates elements of quantum physics like the observer effect and entanglement. I'm writing a scene in which the protagonist is reading as a high-schooler in 2004. What book can I show her reading that would tell the reader she knows some about this stuff?
  38. R

    B Another doubt I had while reading Feynman Lectures

    "The “stage” on which the universe goes is the three-dimensional space of geometry, as described by Euclid, and things change in a medium called time." -Feynman Lectures Do the 1st two lines mean that the thing in which everything moves around is the 3 dimensional space...am i interpreting it...
  39. AlexVille

    B Reading a Book about Air Sustained Structures....

    As in constructions that consist of a membrane of some textile and are sustained by pressurized air bombs. A paragraph mentions that in the face of strong winds or snowfall the internal pressure rises... but i don´t understand exactly why is that. I´m just curious and would like to know. pd...
  40. S

    Geometry I would like suggestions regarding reading about geometry and manifolds

    Hi, I just finished up with Riemann Geometry not to long ago, and did something with complex geometry on kahler manifolds. In your opinion what would be a next logical step for someone to study? I am very interested in manifold theory and differential geometry in general. I'm somewhat familiar...
  41. binbagsss

    A Reading canonical commutation relations from the action (QHE)

    Hi I'm sure i understood this a week or so ago, and I've forgot the idea now. I'm just really confused, again, how you read the commutator relationships of from the action ? many thanks (source http://www.damtp.cam.ac.uk/user/tong/qhe/five.pdf)
  42. A

    How Can I Modify My Fortran Code to Correctly Read an .xvg File?

    I need help in writing a Fortran code to read in the numeric data, but the file contains initially some character in few initial lines and later the numeric data has been written. please help me in writing the Fortran code. I will be thankful for the kind help...
  43. Boltzman Oscillation

    Engineering Measuring the damping frequency from an oscilloscope reading

    I know the following equations for if the damping ratio is less than 1: $$\sigma = -\zeta \omega_n$$ $$\omega = \sqrt{(1 - \zeta ^2)\omega^2_n}$$ I am given the following circuit that I built on LTSpice: Measuring the voltage between node 2 and ground (blue), and the voltage Vc4(t) (green) I...
  44. tonnijames

    Simple mechanics question: will reading of the scale change?

    My reasoning is that 1)at initial condition, net force of stick on the beaker is equal to the weight of the weight minus the buoyant force applied by the water to the weight, which is the tension force in the string. The recorded weight should be equal to mass of beaker + water + net force of...
  45. K

    I'm getting garbage values while reading matrices from a file

    Hi All, While trying to read a matrix from data file using fortran90 code ,I get garbage values and a backtrace error. Error termination. Backtrace: #0 0x7f4a4de3631a #1 0x7f4a4de36ec5 #2 0x7f4a4de3768d #3 0x7f4a4dfa4d42 #4 0x7f4a4dfa6ad5 #5 0x7f4a4dfa80f9 #6 0x56040bbeae57 #7...
  46. L

    I Reading suggestions about the "nature of time"

    There are quite some pop-sci books (by Greene, Smolin, Carroll and others) that deal with the "nature of time". Why does time appear to flow? Why is there a special moment, the "now"? Does simultaneity in SR imply a block universe? Why time-symmetric laws but a time-unsymmetric universe? Does...
  47. K

    Fortran Runtime error while reading file in fortran90

    I'm new to fortran coding and trying to read a file called "data.dat" with data like a triangular matrix 0.1 0.1 0.2 0.1 0.2 0.3 0.1 0.2 0.3 0.4 0.1 0.2 0.3 0.4 0.5 using the code PROGRAM matrix IMPLICIT NONE REAL, DIMENSION(5,5) :: a INTEGER :: row,col,max_rows,max_cols max_rows=5...
  48. nineteen

    B Defining a Vernier Caliper when a reading is already showing....

    Hey, there was an MCQ question in our term test paper regarding measurements and it was about what the reading was of a vernier caliper. But the least count of it wasn't given. As it was already showing a reading, I was kinda confused on how to define it. Is there any method to define a vernier...
  49. J

    Comp Sci C++ Reading Data File: Calculating Distances and Finding Closest Point

    Homework Statement I have successfully opened and discarded the headers. Then I calculated the distances between point 1 and others and the minimum distance as well. However, I am not sure how to make the code work for more than 4 points. The attached text file is what I am trying to read and...