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April 14 Live Webcast of Nobel Laureate in Physics David Gross's Lecture

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    Wanted to let Physics Forum members know that next week, on April 14th at 2pm CST, 2004 Nobel Laureate in Physics David Gross will lecture on 'The Future of Physics' at Shanghai Jiao Tong University. From cosmology to elementary particle physics and the physics of quantum matter to the biophysics of the mind, his talk will explore the 25 questions that he feels will guide the discipline in the coming 25 years.

    You can participate in this lecture by tuning in to www.honeywellscience.com, where the live webcast will be streamed on the homepage. Further, anyone interested in submitting questions online to Professor Gross during the Q&A following his lecture can do so either by emailing questions@honeywellscience.com or by posting them on the Honeywell-Nobel Initiative's bespoke facebook, twitter and orkut pages. The links to all three are listed in the footer of honeywellscience.com. On that website you can also sign-up and receive an email reminder before the webcast begins.

    Questions? << e-mail address deleted by berkeman -- please PM him with questions >>
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    Sounds like it will be a great talk. Thanks.
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    I think he's given the same talk at other places before:
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