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Are any schools still taking applications for the fall?

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    I have an MS in physics and did not get into any of the phd programs I applied to. What schools are still accepting applications, and which ones might still have funding for students? I am interested in many areas of physics and my experience is in computation and some nuclear. I have average grades and an 800 gre.

    If you think I have a chance somewhere please let me know.
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    Wow not one person wants to share some advice?
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    What country? What region? You need to look for schools which have rolling admissions. Its probably too late to apply to schools for Fall admission which have fixed application deadlines.
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    I see no sharing here. I see only indignation on your part that some volunteers aren't catering to you fast enough. What have you "shared"? Have you helped with homework? Perhaps answered someone else's question on a technical forum?

    Second, a Google search of "graduate school" "rolling admissions" "physics" gave 2000+ entries. If you spent the day following up on that instead of waiting for us to do it for you - and berating us for not doing it fast enough - you'd have your answer by now.
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    I don't really know what "level" you're looking at.....I would suggest applying to places with rolling admissions, such as Rochester or Pittsburgh. If you're well-qualified for somewhere, you can just e-mail the graduate director, give your statistics in a paragraph and explain that you don't have anywhere to go for fall, and ask if they'll accept an application. I don't think any deadlines have not already passed.
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    I'm looking at any level, really. I'm open to anywhere in the US. I'd prefer a slightly larger department but I'm looking for any schools with rolling or late deadlines. I've already applied to pitt, waiting to hear back. AIP doesn't list rolling schools, where else would I find information about that?
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    There is no list of schools with rolling applications (that I'm aware of -- and I know quite a lot about this!). Best thing I can say is to take a look at this list, I'm sure you've seen it before:


    At this point, I would send an e-mail to every single program (maybe skip the top 20 or something, they normally have their classes set by this point) and in one paragraph, tell them your area of interest, your QPA, your GRE scores, TOEFL (if applicable), research experience, and ask if they would consider an application.

    But if you're serious about this, you have to do it NOW, most schools have an April 15th Deadline for you to accept their offer -- so you have to apply and get accepted before that deadline! I imagine most places will work something reasonable out with you. But really, if you're going to do this, a) do it now, and b) e-mail every single program that you would be willing to attend. I expect that very few schools will respond, so the only thing to do is to send out lots of e-mails.

    It also wouldn't hurt to e-mail Pitt and re-affirm your interest. I would just send a short paragraph saying that you're still interested and another short paragraph summarizing the high points of your application and your physics interests. Pitt has no application fee, so it's a little difficult sometimes to separate the serious applicants from the people who just apply as a safety school with no intention of coming here...

    And obviously, have a back up plan! Another year to strengthen your application and then re-apply is never a bad thing.....

    Best of luck!
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    Also -- and this is just anecdotal -- I would recommend Kansas State. I spent a summer out there, and they are really concerned about their applicants -- I bet if you e-mailed someone and told them that you have no where else to go, they would do what they could to help you. I bet a lot of the less-well-known programs are like that; I just happen to be familiar with that one.
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    If you're willing to take anything, CUNY's graduate applications for regular (no financial aid) admissions are in mid April and incredibly flexible. The tuition isn't crazy expensive and the schedule is flexible enough that you may be able to get a job on the side. Some other public/less competitive schools may also be like that.
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