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  1. G

    Schools Schools for studying the Casimir Effect?

    What would be a good school/s for studying the Casimir Effect at?
  2. Skyline-7

    Programs How good is this applied math program?

    Hi, I am wondering how good or better to say competent this program from applied math is that I would like to join this year? Here it is: Applied Mathematics ====== Year I ====== Semester 1 ----------- - Analysis 1 Real numbers. Sequences. Real functions of real variable. Continuity...
  3. A

    Schools Need help choosing schools

    Hi all, I have been offered admits from Purdue, University of Virginia and Syracuse. I am from an engineering background and have worked hard to switch to physics. I have two years of coursework ahead of me before I choose a field. However I can say with some certainty that I lean towards...
  4. B

    Testing Best physics school i can get into with my current GPA/SAT score

    I currently have a GPA of 3.3 and my sat scores are 680-math, 610-reading, 560-writing. I'm pretty set on going for physics undergrad and going straight to grad school for my PHD but I'm open to suggestions. Any college that isn't really really far away from Pennsylvania but I'm definitely open...
  5. M

    Questions on Medical Physics Grad programs

    Hi! I have found a few threads discussing medical physics, however I am still have many questions. I am going into my senior year of college with my plan all along being to get my Phd and teach physics at a university. After spending two years researching in an acoustic/optics lab, however, I...
  6. Moelf

    Schools Choice for particle physics between LAC and university

    Hi guys, I don't know if there's any similar thread (I didn't find any, but in case I missed it); if so please suggest them to me. It's time to apply to college again. I personally think particle physics (experimental) would be my top choice (I understand that only phd has the specialized...
  7. A

    Does the school I graduate from matter?

    OK so I currently attend The University of North Texas, which is by no means a prestigious school for physics. I am a physics major with 72 hours of coursework under my belt. I plan to attend graduate school and would like to get into a good school for something in the realm of theoretical...
  8. F

    Help choosing education path

    First post, but have seen some great information while lurking. Here is the situation. I am 35. I dropped out of high school and entered the IT world at age 17. I went back and got my GED at 25 (got tired of lying on applications!). I have always had gainful employment. I work in telecom...